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Recent picks by Zane Trivitt:

Best Robot Vacuum


Best Robot Vacuums in 2023

By Zane Trivitt

Robot vacuums, like Robovacs or Roomba, are cleaning machines designed to improve the quality of a household’s day-to-day maintenance. They clean carpets, floors, and walls in a single pass by getting rid of a variety of allergens that are found in a home. Some models even have one button that controls both restarting and turning…

Best Wifi Extender

Internet & Phone

Best Wifi Extenders in 2023

By Zane Trivitt

Wi-Fi extenders are devices that help extend the range of a wireless network. They can be used by home networks or businesses to improve performance in areas with a weak Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi extenders transmit the signal received by a Wi-Fi access point in the same room over to another part of a home or…

Best Gaming Pc


Best Gaming PCs in 2023

By Zane Trivitt

High-end gaming PCs are unmatched in the gaming world, delivering the processing power and graphics that gamers desire. Also known as “gaming rigs,” they feature top-of-the-line hardware such as Intel Core i7 processors, dual or quad-core video cards, and ample RAM. The case design is also crucial to ensure proper cooling. Two options exist for…