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Best Dishwashers in 2023

By JW Rider · Jun 24, 2022

With the right dishwasher, cleaning up after big family meals is easy. Dishwashers come in a range of sizes from various brands; with so many options available, it's difficult to find the right one for your home and family. Check out these top dishwashers to consider when making your purchase.
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Best dishwasher overall


Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N 

Handle type Recessed handle
Control type Full Console
Capacity 16 place settings
Height 33 7/8 inches
Decibel rating 44 dB
Energy Star rated Energy Star certified

Best quiet dishwasher


Samsung Linear Wash DW80R9950US

Handle type Recessed handle
Control type Touchpad
Capacity 15 place settings
Height 33 7/8 inches
Decibel rating 39 dB
Energy Star rated Energy Star certified

Great allrounder

Ge Dishwasher

GE Profile 24 inch PDT785SYNFS

Handle type Bar handle
Control type Electronic
Capacity 16 place settings
Height 34 inches
Decibel rating 39 dB
Energy Star rated Energy Star certified

Great value for money dishwasher

Whirlpool Dishwasher

Whirlpool WDT730PAHZ

Handle type Towel Bar handle
Control type Touchpad
Capacity 15 place settings
Height 34 1/2 inches
Decibel rating 51 dB
Energy Star rated Energy Star certified

Best countertop dishwasher


Farberware FCDMSDWH Countertop Dishwasher

Handle type -
Control type Touch
Capacity 5 iliters
Height 18-5/16 inches
Decibel rating 62 dB
Energy Star rated -

Product available at:

Great value for money


Frigidaire 24 inch FFID2426TS

Handle type Bar handle
Control type Fully Integrated
Capacity 14 place settings
Height 35 inches
Decibel rating 54 dB
Energy Star rated Energy Star certified

Best mid-range dishwasher

Lg Dishwasher

LG 24 inch Front Control Smart Built-In Stainless Steel Tub Dishwasher

Handle type Pocket handle
Control type Touchpad
Capacity 15 place settings
Height 33 5/8 inches
Decibel rating 48 dB
Energy Star rated Energy Star certified

Product available at:

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7 of the Best Dishwashers in 2023

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Bosch offers these stainless steel, top-of-the-line dishwashers for those who want to save time doing the dishes. It has a recessed handle and front controls that are easy to use. At just 44 dBA, it produces less noise than similar models. In addition to the two standard racks, this dishwasher features a third that increases capacity by 30%, allowing you to easily wash up to 16 full-place settings simultaneously. Bosch also allows you to rearrange the racks in nine different ways to further optimize dishwasher space. Thanks to the Speed60 cycle, you can wash and dry all of your dishes in just 60 minutes. Bosch offers these stainless steel, top-of-the-line dishwashers for those who want to save time doing the dishes.


AquaStop Leak Protection is one of the top features of the Bosch 300 Series. This prevents the dishwasher from leaking even if with a problematic seal. PrecisionWash is another important feature that combines a strong spray with smart sensors to wash every dish inside without needing to rinse them first.

Bosch offers a one-year warranty on the 300 Series. It starts when you purchase the appliance and ends 365 days later. The warranty does not cover accidental damage or any damage that you do to the dishwasher.

The Bosch 300 Series’ size allows for plenty of space for pots and pans. Additionally, Bosch allows you to change the layout of the racks to configure your load how you please. You can also remove one or more of the racks when you need even more space.

Pros & Cons

  • No rinsing required
  • Three racks instead of two
  • Low decibel rating
  • Fits in most kitchens
  • Can clean a full load of dishes in 60 minutes
  • Not suitable for homes with hard water
  • May not dry all of your dishes
  • Requires a licensed Bosch tech to fix issues
This Samsung dishwasher saves energy by using just 239 kilowatts of energy each year. Samsung’s Linear Wash System uses AquaBlast jets that surround your dishes with water as the powerful jets remove stuck-on food. To dry your dishes faster, this model features a door that automatically opens at the end of each cycle, allowing for more air circulation. An LED panel on the front of the dishwasher displays the selected mode, along with how much time is left in the cycle. You can check the menu and pick your settings via a control panel on the top. Samsung offers this dishwasher in several finishes that are resistant to fingerprints.


Samsung added a Zone Booster feature that adds more water to the bottom of the dishwasher to clean larger pots and pans. With the Samsung app, you can check on the dishwasher when you’re away from home and even control the cycles. It also uses premium rails and ball bearings to help the racks glide smoothly.

There is a 12-month warranty on the Linear Wash dishwasher. This is a limited warranty that only covers damage on specific dishwasher parts. As a part of this one-year warranty, you’ll be able to receive in-home service and repairs. To take advantage of your warranty, you must register your dishwasher, which requires your proof of purchase.

As this dishwasher comes with three adjustable racks, you can customize your dishwasher space to fit big pans and pots. Placing them in the bottom left corner will allow those items to be cleaned using the Zone Booster feature, which reduces the necessity for manual second washes.

Pros & Cons

  • Standard cabinet size
  • Strong Energy Star rating
  • Light and heavy modes/cycles
  • Available in multiple finishes
  • Insulated to reduce noises
  • Can lose its connection to the app
  • May develop leaks
  • Some areas of the finish can peel
Thanks to four bottle jets inside, the GE Profile reaches the bottom of bottles and other tall dishes to quickly clean them. The two standard racks on the bottom are suitable for glasses and other dishes, but you also get a third rack on the top that holds lids and other smaller items. At the bottom of the dishwasher is a Piranha Hard Food Disposer with a stainless steel blade that breaks up any food that comes off during a cycle. GE added an Active Flood Protect feature; this feature checks for signs of leaks and turns the dishwasher off in order to prevent flooding.</p>


GE allows you to use this dishwasher as part of your smart home by conveniently controlling it through the SmartHQ app, even when you’re not at home. It features Dry Boost with Fan Assist to clean your dishes faster and dry them. There is also a Steam + Sani setting that both cleans and sanitizes your dishes.

You get a one-year warranty on this GE Profile dishwasher that begins on the date of purchase. GE will replace any part that fails due to errors on its part and will even pay to send a technician to your home. Your warranty covers both parts and labor.

This dishwasher has plenty of room inside for any big pots and pans you own. It even has bottle washing sprayers inside that reach deep into your pots to remove food stuck to the bottom. However, you may need to remove the top rack to make room for those pots.

Pros & Cons

  • Fingerprint-resistant exterior
  • Three interior racks
  • Works with the GE app
  • Standard size to fit in your kitchen
  • Dedicated bottle washing sprays
  • Louder than other dishwashers
  • May leave some detergent behind
  • Some dishes may come out with streaks
This Whirlpool dishwasher is an Energy Star-rated, modern model to help you get your dishes clean. Its full-lit display allows you to choose a heavy or light cycle, and shows you where the appliance is in each cycle and how much time is left before it is complete. A fan in the bottom thoroughly dries your dishes so you can put them away immediately after the cycle is complete. Capable of cleaning up to 15 place settings per cycle, this dishwasher has an upper rack that you can raise and lower as needed. Choose between black and stainless steel finishes, both of which are resistant to fingerprints. 


The Sensor Cycle takes all of the guesswork out of using this dishwasher. It automatically chooses the best setting based on the dishes you put inside, including both the temperature and cycle type. There is also a Soil Sensor that detects how dirty your dishes are.

Whirlpool gives you a one-year limited warranty that covers issues that happen during delivery or production. It does not cover any external or cosmetic damage. When you file a claim, Whirlpool requires proof that you bought the dishwasher from an authorized dealer.

Though this Whirlpool dishwasher has a lot of room as-is, you may need to move the upper rack to gain more space. This rack raises two inches up to give you room for bigger pots and pans. You can also lower it by two inches to place more items on the rack.

Pros & Cons

  • Low price tag
  • Lots of interior space
  • Five different cycles
  • Available in black and stainless steel finishes
  • Adjustable top rack
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • May leave behind some water
  • Some dishes may still be wet at the end of the cycle
Who says you need a lot of space to run a dishwasher? Farberware designed this dishwasher to fit in tiny homes and apartments as well as RVs. It uses just 1.3 gallons of water per cycle and has cycles suitable for washing fruit, in addition to sanitizing dishes. Each cycle takes only 40 minutes to run. The Air Refresh feature pulls air inside to help dry your dishes before you put them away. Thanks to the digital controls, this dishwasher is easy to use and lets you view the time left in each cycle. It also has a child lock for safety and comes with a basket for holding fruit and small dishes.


Weighing less than 30 pounds, this portable dishwasher is easy to store when you don’t need it. Its lightweight makes it portable, so when you move homes, you can take it with you. You can choose from five different settings to clean your dishes, including rapid cycles and one designed just for glass.

The Farberware dishwasher comes with a limited one-year warranty. It does not cover all types of damage, however, and requires your original receipt or gift receipt to file a claim.

The small size of this dishwasher limits the amount of space you have for dishes. It, unfortunately, does not have enough room for bigger pots and pans.

Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Five different cycles
  • Built-in child lock
  • Uses only 150 kilowatts of energy per year
  • Weighs just 29.9 pounds
  • May not dry your dishes completely
  • Too small for some homes
  • Very loud
The Frigidaire allows you to choose from four cleaning cycles, including a sanitizing cycle that removes up to 99.9% of germs from your dishes. The heavy wash cycle is best for dishes that sat around for a while, while the normal cycle is suitable for use post-meal dirty dishes. A light on the top flashes to let you know when you need more rinse aid to keep the dishwasher running for weeks. Inside the dishwasher is a small removable basket that is just the right size for washing utensils and keeping track of them.


Frigidaire offers a Delay Start mode, which allows you to run a cycle within two to six hours. The polymer interior helps dishes dry faster and allows you to put them away as soon as they’re clean. It also has an integrated console to help you easily select settings.

Get protection for up to one full year with the Frigidaire warranty. Frigidaire includes a manual with this appliance that shows you how to file a warranty claim and offers tips on using your new dishwasher.

Located at the bottom of the dishwasher is an 11-inch rack designed for cleaning large bowls and pans in a single cycle. You can use it with the eight-inch rack on the top or remove the upper rack to make more room for your pots.

Pros & Cons

  • Four cleaning cycles
  • Delayed start feature
  • Silverware basket included
  • Two racks of different sizes
  • Built-in rinse aid and detergent dispensers
  • Runs loudly
  • May not dry all of your dishes
  • Doesn’t get as hot as other dishwashers do
LG added unique features to the QuadWash dishwasher, which uses four arms to thoroughly clean your dishes fast. Those arms both spin and move back and forth to reach every inch of the dishes. While you can choose from standard settings, LG allows you to create custom cycles based on your desired cycle length. Both the tub and the liner inside are made of stainless steel that will not rust, even when exposed to water. You'll find the same stainless steel on the outside to help the appliance resist smudges. This LG dishwasher holds up to 15 place settings and has a top rack that keeps glasses safe during cycles.


The LG app allows you to control the dishwasher and even schedule cycles for later. It comes with Dynamic Dry technology that uses two stages to dry all of your dishes. The dishwasher also features an easy-to-reach, and easy-to-use, bright control panel on the front.

LG offers a longer warranty than other manufacturers, lasting 10 years. This warranty allows you to contact LG for any repairs you might need throughout its duration.

Not only do you receive a third rack for smaller items usually hand-washed with your purchase, but this LG dishwasher also has enough room for big pots and pans. If you find that they cannot fit in the dishwasher, you can remove the upper rack.

Pros & Cons

  • Three cleaning racks
  • LG Auto Cycle
  • QuadWash for faster and more thorough cleaning
  • Lots of interior space
  • Compatible with the LG app
  • Louder than some dishwashers
  • No child lock
  • Can develop a mildew smell

List of all Best Dishwashers in 2023 for your needs

Product Date Price Shop
Bosch 300 Series SHEM63W55N  06/2022 $ 949.00 Buy
Samsung Linear Wash DW80R9950US 06/2022 $ 1078.00 Buy
GE Profile 24 inch PDT785SYNFS 06/2022 $ 1149.00 Buy
Whirlpool WDT730PAHZ 06/2022 $ 598.00 Buy
Farberware FCDMSDWH Countertop Dishwasher 06/2022 $ 379.99 Buy
Frigidaire 24 inch FFID2426TS 06/2022 $ 493.00 Buy
LG 24 inch Front Control Smart Built-In Stainless Steel Tub Dishwasher 06/2022 $ 648.00 Buy

How dishwashers work

To use a new dishwasher, you must have a water connection in your home. The appliance uses a hose to filter in the water, which sits near the bottom. A heating element inside heats the water to the desired temperature and then sends it to the pump, which then sprays it around your dishes via multiple paddles. Some newer dishwashers use jets and paddles that direct the flow of water where it’s needed. This comes in handy if you want to clean big pots and pans or baby bottles and other items that are difficult to clean.

Are there different types of dishwashers?

Before you buy a new dishwasher, you should consider all of the different types. The following are the common types you’ll find online and in stores to help you decide which dishwasher is best for your kitchen.

Front-control dishwashers

One of the most common types is front-control dishwashers. This type features the console or display on the front of the appliance. Front-control dishwashers are a great choice if you plan to install the dishwasher under your cabinets, as you don’t need to access the top of the machine. Front-control dishwashers usually have a pocket handle that won’t get in your way. This type of dishwasher allows you to see the time left in a cycle and pick different settings as needed. Many shoppers prefer having a display, as it does not require opening the door to check on their dishes.

Top-control dishwashers

An alternative to a front-control model is a top-control dishwasher, which places the display on the top of the appliance. This gives you a more sleek and modern look. Top-control dishwashers are popular for homes with larger kitchens. They often require that you install them in an open area. If you try to use one under a cabinet or counter, you’ll have a difficult time accessing the controls and reading the display. Some customers also like that they don’t need to worry about others accidentally changing the settings or turning on the appliance when they hit it because the controls are out of the way. You’ll find some models that come with an integrated bar on the front for hanging kitchen towels.

Drawer dishwashers

As a new, modern take on dishwashers, drawer dishwashers are installed into your kitchen like a set of drawers. This helps the appliance blend in with the rest of your kitchen, allowing for a more sleek, cohesive appearance. Drawer dishwashers are often must pricier than conventional dishwashers. They’re also smaller and quieter. Many users of drawer dishwashers, however, report that they are more breakable and are more challenging to clean.

Portable dishwashers

Portable dishwashers are more compact and weigh less than standard dishwashers. This type of dishwasher is perfect for apartments and smaller homes, as they take up less space and typically use less water. As its name suggests, they’re easily portable due to their lightweight–perfect for frequent movers. The downside is that these dishwashers are quite small, so you may need to run multiple cycles to wash all of your dishes.

Do you need detergent and rinse aid?

Many brands have built-in containers for both your detergent and rinse aid. Rinse aids are liquid products that help eliminate spots and streaks on your dishes. Though you do need detergent, rinse aids are not always necessary, especially when using newer dishwashers. To find out whether or not you need one, try running your dishes through the dishwasher. If you don’t see any spots or streaks when the cycle is complete, rinse aid is likely unneeded. If your dishes do have spots or streaks, vinegar is a great alternative you may already have in your home.

Dishwasher FAQs

If you’re purchasing a new dishwasher for your home, it’s important that you understand how your new appliance works. Below are answers to some of the top questions about using and maintaining a dishwasher in your home.

Can I install a dishwasher by myself?

If you have the necessary tools and basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical in your home, then you can install your dishwasher yourself. You can purchase a dishwasher installation kit for access to the required equipment and simply follow the instructions that come with your appliance. Otherwise, you can hire a plumber to install the dishwasher for you. Depending on where you purchase your new appliance, the retailer may even offer to uninstall your old dishwasher upon delivery.

Is there anything you should not put in a dishwasher?

Though dishwashers are handy appliances for most homes, not every item is dishwasher safe. Use caution when washing delicate China or heirlooms; there is a large risk of the high-pressure water removing the decorations from those pieces. You should also avoid washing both hollow knives, as well as knives with sharp blades as dishwashers can seriously damage them. Not only do you risk breaking off the handle, but you may also dull the blade.

Do you need to clean a dishwasher?

There are a few things that you can do daily, too. Check both the bottom of the dishwasher and the racks for any food particles. While most of those particles will move to the bottom of the machine, which then disposes of them, you may find some clinging to other parts of your dishwasher. Try to remove any particles before adding more dishes. Keep a damp rag nearby for daily cleaning of the exterior. All it takes is a simple wipe-down to remove fingerprints and smudges.

What should you look for in a dishwasher?

Different homes have different preferences and needs for their dishwasher. For example, when you look at the various types, you might find that you prefer a dishwasher that uses drawers instead of a door. The models that have two drawers on the front that easily slide open as your storage drawers. The drawers are attached to racks and work with levers to help you add and remove dishes quickly. Along with the style, there are other factors to consider before purchasing your next dishwasher.

When is the best time to buy a dishwasher?

You can often find special dishwasher sales and special offers in the fall. You can find major discounts and opportunities for special financing in September starting from Labor Day sales.

How long does a dishwasher last?

Dishwashers typically have a 10-year warranty included in their purchase; this is reflective of their average lifespan. Of course, if you maintain your appliance with care, including regular cleaning and proactively caring for any potential issues, your dishwasher may last longer.

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