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Best Fitness Trackers of 2023

By Sabrina Gabrielly · Jul 29, 2022

General fitness is a global ultimate goal. The benefits of being in shape are countless. In addition, staying fit and achieving your body goals due to exercise keeps you motivated and confident with your body. However, the most crucial aspect of exercising is keeping track of your physical activity using fitness trackers. They help you monitor your heart rate and the distance you walk or run. There are so many fitness trackers on the market and, as a result, it might be a challenge to choose one that best suits your needs. We will discuss several fitness tracker options, from their physical characteristics to their price to help you narrow down your choices and make an informed decision.
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7 Best Fitness Trackers of 2023

Best budget fitness tracker
Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5

Screen size 1 inch
Screen type AMOLED
Operating System Fitbit OS
Battery life Up to 7 days
IP Rating Water resistant up to 50 meters
Connectivity Bluetooth
Available Colors Graphite, lunar white, platinum

Product available at:

Best fitness tracker for iPhone users
Apple Watch 7

Apple Watch 7

Screen size 41 - 45mm
Screen type OLED
Battery life Up to 18 hours
Available Colors Blue, green, midnight, starlight, red
Operating System Watch OS
IP Rating IP6X
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, LTE
Best fitness tracker for running
Coros Pace 2

Coros Pace 2

Screen size 1.2 inches
Screen type LCD
Operating System Compatible with iOS and Android
Battery life Up to 30 hours
IP Rating Water resistant to 50 meters
Connectivity Bluetooth, ANT+
Available Colors Blue, navy, white

Product available at:

Best fitness tracker for Android
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Screen size 40 - 45mm
Screen type AMOLED
Battery life Up to 3 days
Available Colors Black, green, silver
Operating System Wear OS
IP Rating IP68
Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE
Best hybrid watch fitness tracker
Withing Scanwatch

Withings ScanWatch

Screen size 38 - 43mm
Screen type PMOLED
Operating System Compatible with iOS and Android
Battery life Up to 30 days
IP Rating Water resistant up to 50 meters
Connectivity Bluetooth
Available Colors Black, blue, green, white
Best battery life
Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit Versa 3

Screen size 1.59 inches
Screen type AMOLED
Operating System Fitbit OS
Battery life Up to 6 days
IP Rating Water resistant up to 50 meters
Connectivity Bluetooth
Available Colors Black, midnight blue, pink, thistle
Best fitness tracker for high performance
Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945

Screen size 1.2 inches
Screen type LCD
Operating System Garmin Watch OS
Battery life Up to 60 hours
IP Rating Water resistant up to 50 meters
Connectivity Bluetooth
Available Colors Black

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7 of the Best Fitness Trackers of 2023

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The Fitbit Charge 5 has a feature that allows you to manage stress by showing your body's response to stress and how to reduce stress levels using an on-wrist EDA sensor session. It is designed with many medical functions that help you take care of your body, for example, the temperature monitor. It also has a thin band, an advancement from the previous Fitbit models. Additionally, it has a high and low heart rate notification function that sends notifications according to your settings. This helps you know when to change your activity to stabilize your heart rate. It uses GPS technology that allows you to track the route you follow during your workout.


Fitbit charge 5 does not allow you to stream music. It also does not support any music apps like Spotify or Apple Music. However, it is designed to allow you to navigate through your saved playlist. Unfortunately, it also does not allow onboard music storage, which means your playlist must be available on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, the design of the Fitbit Charge 5 does not support any other technologies. You cannot connect it to a virtual assistant like Alexa, which is mainly preferred for making simple tasks easier by giving voice instructions. However, it has helpful functionalities like picking up and rejecting phone calls on iPhones and Android smartphones.

Fitbit Charge 5 is designed to retain its charge for about seven days. If you work out regularly and your smartwatch is in constant use, its battery life might reduce slightly. This means that you will have to charge it twice a week. Its long life makes it suitable for intense activities like hikes that might take a couple of days.

Fitbit 5, although it does not diagnose any medical conditions, can help you monitor several vital signs in your body. These include your heart rate, especially during your workouts or even when you are not doing any physical activity at all. It can also monitor your body temperature, respiratory rate, and levels of oxygen in your blood.

Fitbit does not have in-built functionalities and apps that allow you to reply to text messages directly from the watch. However, it notifies you whenever you receive text messages by a notification pop-up on the smartwatch screen.

Pros & Cons

  •  It can be styled with any outfit because of its design and neutral colors
  • Its screen has excellent outdoor visibility, making it easy to read
  • Better and improved charging slot compared to the previous Charge Bit models
  • It is light and very comfortable to wear
  • The display may light up at night even when it is on sleep mode
  • The distance tracker may be inaccurate sometimes
  • The screen can easily get scratched
Apple Watch Series 7 is made from excellent materials, and its design is well thought through. It is among the most convenient watches because of its unique features. The screen is made of crystal and has a high crack resistance, contributing to its durability. It also has an IP6X dust resistance feature. Additionally, the new, updated display is almost 20% wider compared to Series 6, making it easier to use. The buttons have been re-adjusted to match the display so that navigating through apps, like timers and stopwatches, is easy. The watch also features a QWERTY keyboard that uses machine learning to predict what you may be typing. You can also monitor your oxygen levels with a sensor and take ECG anytime. The watch does not just help sleep tracking but also allows you to set a sleeping schedule. This great watch also tracks your respiratory rate when you are sleeping.


Apple Watch 7 supports music streaming when your smartphone has an internet connection. It has several built-in apps, like Apple Music. You can also listen to podcasts through the Apple Podcast app.

Apple Series 7 has a built-in private virtual assistant called Siri. Siri helps you interact better with your apple products. You can interact with Siri directly by giving it commands using your voice. You can use Siri to control your music, and receive and make calls and text messages as long as you have an internet connection.

The longest an Apple Series 7 Watch can last without being charged is one day. If you are going to use it the entire day, you have to charge it daily. The best way to keep it fully charged at all times is to use it during the day and leave it charging during the night.

Just like most fitness trackers, Apple Series 7 has been designed with the ability to allow you to check your heart rate at any time. It can also detect if the rhythm of your heartbeat is normal or irregular. Breathing rate and temperature are some of the other important aspects of your health you can monitor with this fitness tracker.

Apple Series 7 is a fantastic fitness tracker with an in-built QWERTY keyboard. The fitness tracker shows notifications of all incoming messages and gives you the option of replying directly without using your smartphone. This makes communication very easy when working out. You can also use the Siri app to reply to texts when the watch has an internet connection.

Pros & Cons

  • Its design is beautiful and has many colors to choose from
  • It is waterproof
  • It is easy to set up and connect to your iPhone
  • You can customize the watch, i.e. change the bands
  • The features work great even without a subscription
  • Its battery life is quite low
  • It does not come with all the charging requirements like a USB
Coros Pace 2 is among the most creatively designed watches. It has some of the most distinctive features. Coros Pace 2 is among the lightest GPS watches and weighs about 29 grams. Its battery life can last up to 20 days when the GPS is turned off and 30 hours in GPS mode. This watch is mainly preferred for running exercises due to its built-in power metrics. Additionally, Coros Pace 2 can fully integrate with other power meters available on your phone. The size and dimensions are 10.5 x 2.1 x 0.6 inches and are carefully designed to provide maximum user comfort. It is waterproof and has a strong, compact system that can withstand various weather conditions. You can also get phone notifications for your messages, calls, texts, and e-mails on your watch. It is compatible with Strava, Trainingpeaks, and other applications running on iOS and Android devices. It also helps keep track of your mileage and how long you have been working out. It lets you know when you are getting close to achieving your fitness targets. It has an excellent digital dial that lets you choose your preferred button orientation by choosing either the button on your wrist's upper or lower side. You can program your goals and fitness programs into the watch to monitor your progress.


Coros Pace 2 allows you to download music directly. You can then connect the fitness tracker to your headphones through Bluetooth. This watch also supports the customizing of the music by creating your favorite playlists. You can also name the playlists so that you can easily find the songs you like listening to during your workout.

No. Coros Pace 2 cannot be connected to any virtual assistants like Alexa, which is mostly quite helpful. This watch also does not support any downloadable virtual assistant apps. However, you can personalize your watch with the widgets that are available so that it can work best for your needs.

How frequently you plug in your Coros Pace 2 to charge depends on whether you use GPS often. With the GPS on, you can charge your watch at least once a day. Without the GPS, you can charge it once in two weeks. This fitness tracker requires a one-hour charging time after it has been completely drained.

Old age is mostly a cause of different health concerns leading to necessary constant monitoring of vital signs. The Coros Pace 2 fitness tracker is handy in this situation as the elderly are able to keep track of their heart rate, temperature, and other signs. In case of any irregularities, they can seek professional medical advice. Young people can similarly benefit from this fitness tracker.

No. Coros Pace 2 accurately displays all the incoming text messages on the screen. It does not allow you to read the message from the display. To reply to the text, you have to do it from your smartphone because the fitness tracker lacks the necessary components for the functioning of text messages.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and well-constructed
  • Screen display is visible both during the day and at night
  • It is affordable
  • Has an always-on display
  • Connects easily with a wide variety of Bluetooth devices
  • The crown button interface may be hard to use in the middle of your exercises
  • Using the GPS affects its battery life significantly
Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4 monitors your sleep and SpO2 levels continuously. It also has an accurate ECG heart monitor that notifies you when you have atrial fibrillation so you can seek medical advice when necessary. It also keeps track of your body fat percentage and allows you to use or download other applications like the heart rate monitor. This watch also monitors the oxygen levels in your blood and is designed to show all the notifications you get. You can also use it to answer text messages and phone calls. In addition, you can use the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4 when engaging in water sports, like swimming and surfing, without damaging it since it is waterproof. This watch also has a functionality that lets you tap to wake to increase its battery life.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 allows you to play your preferred choice of music. It is built with speakers so that you can listen to music directly. You can also download your preferred music into the fitness tracker and customize it by formulating playlists to listen to daily.

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4 cannot be connected to any virtual assistants. This is quite unfortunate as it is useful for the device to synchronize with a virtual assistant that can understand voice commands. However, you can download apps on your smartphone and directly synchronize them with your fitness tracker app to get shortcuts.

You need to charge your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 at least once in two days. Charging takes about two hours for the watch to reach full percentage when it is empty. You can charge your watch at any time with its USB charging cable.

Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4 not only lets you track your heart rate but also detects your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse as well. Moreover, this fitness tracker detects your oxygen levels and sleep to ensure you are fit and healthy. The watch can detect your body fat percentage, too.

Yes. Samsung Electronics Galaxy Watch 4 allows you to respond to all the text messages on your phone. You can either use the keyboard or use a voice feature that allows you to reply to texts. You can also access reminders, notes, and calendar items directly from your fitness tracker.

Pros & Cons

  • The colors on the screen are more vibrant, visible, and intense
  • It is waterproof and has a strong compact system that can withstand any weather
  • It comes with a wireless charger
  • Its screen is highly responsive
  • The band is thick so most people find it chunky
  • It is costly for some people
Withings ScanWatch is specifically helpful for people with respiratory problems. It can track breathing patterns when sleeping using the Respiratory Wellness Scan. This watch is long-lasting because of its high-quality design featuring three electrodes, sapphire glass, and an altimeter. Additionally, it is built with a PMOLED screen that enhances its ease of use. If you need to constantly swap the wristbands to match your preferences and avoid a monotonous look, you can. This watch is designed to enable you to change the bands as many times as you may wish. ScanWatch also syncs effortlessly with several apps via Bluetooth. These apps include Health Mate, Google Fit, and Strava. Tracking is one of the most exciting features of this watch. It can track your sleep and gives a score based on light and deep sleep and the duration of your sleep. This gadget also has good battery life. Additionally, it is water-resistant and can be used in high humidity levels. It is also light as it weighs about 83 grams, meaning you can wear it throughout the day without straining your wrist.


If you like listening to music during runs, hikes, and other workouts, Withings ScanWatch is probably not the right fitness tracker. This is because it does not support any music apps and in-built speakers. Also, the fitness tracker does not have the right features essential for music storage.

You can connect your Withings ScanWatch to virtual assistant programs such as Alexa. This helps you give specific instructions directly to your watch using voice commands. This feature is beneficial as you can simply use your voice to get the desired tasks done, like setting reminders and turning on your music.

When a Withings ScanWatch runs empty, it does not take more than two hours to charge it fully. You only need to charge it less than three times a month because it has long battery life. However, this fully depends on if the GPS is left on, which may result in more energy consumption and, thus, less battery life.

You can track your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing patterns when sleeping, and pulse from Withings ScanWatch. The fitness tracker also lets you know about any changes in the oxygen saturation level of your blood. This allows you to see the impact of your exercises and the condition of your health.

With Withings ScanWatch, you can see multiple message notifications from your phone. However, you cannot respond to these messages directly because the fitness tracker does not support messaging due to the lack of a keyboard. Additionally, you can view Instagram and WhatsApp notifications.

Pros & Cons

  • It has a sleek look
  • It is easy to navigate and can be personalized
  • Features automatic exercise detection
  • LCD display is large and bright


  • The band is silicone, which may be a nuisance for users who are sensitive to metals
  • This 42mm watch is big for some people
Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch allows you to save time because of its fast-charging ability that only takes about 12 minutes. Its premium subscription package enables you to unlock most of its features. All new members get a free trial period of six months for the premium package. You can access the Fitbit app on the watch. The Fitbit app allows you to check your workout intensity map, which is tracked by a GPS on the watch. Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch has an advanced heart rate technology with PurePulse 2.0 that accurately monitors your heart rate.


Fitbit Versa 3 has music functionality, but it only acts as a remote control to swipe through music on your smartphone. This is because the fitness tracker does not have speakers to allow you to play music. Additionally, you cannot download any music to the internal storage of the fitness tracker.

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch has been designed with a built-in Alexa program that helps users set reminders and perform other basic tasks on the watch. All you need to do is command Alexa to perform specific tasks, such as playing a certain song or even making a call, just by using your voice.

Fitbit Versa 3’s battery can last more than six days if it operates while the GPS feature is off. This means you can charge it once a week. However, if the GPS is on, you must charge it once every 12 hours. If you don’t mind failing to track your exercise routes and locations, this fitness tracker can save a lot of power.

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch provides accurate health statistics such as heart rate, temperature, speed, distance, and calories burned. During sleep, it carefully records your wrist’s heartbeat and breathing patterns which indicates the condition of your health in terms of stable and unstable conditions from the readings on the fitness tracker.

With Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch, you can respond to text messages. However, the text replies from the fitness tracker are quick replies programmed on display. To send complete text replies, you have to use your smartphone, as the fitness tracker lacks a keyboard for message replies.

Pros & Cons

  • It is very sleek, neither too big nor too small
  • You can answer your calls through the watch
  • It comes with a charger
  • It has a relax functionality that guides you through breathing
  • There are limited options for bands that can be used on this watch
  • You have to pay for music subscriptions
Garmin Forerunner 945 has monitoring features such as Vo2 Max and Training Status. With the Training Status Feature, you can adjust the training load focus, heat, altitude, acclimation status, and anaerobic training effects. Garmin Forerunner 945 also has a map that guides you during running exercises, ensuring you do not get lost. Its safety features detect your real-time locations to paired devices when necessary. You can also listen to music, but this feature may require a premium subscription. It has a high resolution of 240 x 240 pixels.


Garmin Forerunner 945 allows you to download music, customize your playlists, and store them on the fitness tracker. You can also listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts through Spotify or other music applications. 

Garmin Forerunner 945 does not support virtual assistants. As a result, you have to use your phone manually to give instructions. You can download virtual assistants to your smartphone. Although you won’t be able to give voice commands to your fitness tracker, you can voice instructions during your workouts to your smartphone.

You need to charge your Garmin Forerunner 945 once in two weeks if it is in smartwatch mode, once in a day if it is in GPS mode, or once in three days if it is in UltraTrac mode. This may vary depending on how frequently you use it; the more you use it, the more frequently you will need to charge it.

Garmin Forerunner 945 has a built-in heart rate monitor and GPS. It also sports a Virtual Racer, which allows you to compete with your past achievements and Personal Records. The Health app allows you to track the number of steps you take each day accurately. The watch also shows your heart rate interface so that you can see the beats per minute.

Garmin Forerunner 945 allows you to reply to messages. This is because Garmin Forerunner 945 supports messaging with quick replies, which you can customize frequently. Garmin Forerunner 945 also does not allow you to send short texts using your voice. You can see text messages on display every time you receive them on your smartphone.

Pros & Cons

  • The training metrics are very accurate and helpful



  • The buttons might be difficult for some people to use

List of all Best Fitness Trackers of 2023 for your needs

Product Date Price Shop
Fitbit Charge 5 07/2022 $ 114.36 Buy
Apple Watch 7 07/2022 $ 349.00 Buy
Coros Pace 2 07/2022 $ 199.99 Buy
Samsung Galaxy Watch4 07/2022 $ 198.00 Buy
Withings ScanWatch 07/2022 $ 269.99 Buy
Fitbit Versa 3 07/2022 $ 152.00 Buy
Garmin Forerunner 945 07/2022 $ 446.29 Buy

Differences Between Fitness Smartwatches and Normal Watches

A fitness smartwatch is specially designed with a sensor that monitors your activity levels and can help you set goals. People mainly buy it during old age or when experiencing certain health conditions to help them monitor their health. However, normal watches have been in existence for ages and are mainly used just for showing time. The main differences between fitness smartwatches and normal watches include the following.

  • Design: Most fitness smartwatches use high-end technology such as a built-in GPS and countless monitors for activities like hiking and biking. However, normal watches generally only show time. Regarding special features, they may only include a compass.
  • Appearance: Fitness smartwatches are aesthetically pleasing. They have numerous colors and different band options to change whenever necessary. However, most normal watches are hardly customizable and are only available in limited color choices.
  • Power: Fitness smartwatches need charging once in a while. Depending on their brand, some smartwatches have long battery lives, while others have shorter ones. However, normal watches are not chargeable. They mostly come with a battery that must be replaced once in a while.
  • Connectivity: Fitness smartwatches have connectivity options like Bluetooth and LTE. However, normal watches do not have such connectivity. They cannot pair with your smartphone or other smart devices, such as speakers, lights, or media players.
  • Display: Fitness smartwatches have bright displays that are easily readable in any lighting condition. However, most normal watches have a dull display that offers some viewing difficulties, especially in the dark.
  • Price: Fitness smartwatches generally cost more than normal watches. This is because they have much higher-end technology and are built using materials of high durability. Fitness smartwatches also have numerous special features, such as heart rate monitoring, which are beneficial to the user.
  • Virtual assistance support: Some fitness smartwatches are designed with the ability to support virtual assistance. Virtual assistants can be built-in or connected to fitness smartwatches through Bluetooth. However, a small percentage of fitness watches have this feature. On the other hand, normal watches are not equipped with virtual assistance and can only be used manually. 
  • Usage: Most fitness smartwatches can be used to play music and take pictures. Normal watches, however, do not have these capabilities. Additionally, a fitness-based smartwatch has many different features, like heart rate monitors, that a normal watch does not have. Most fitness-based smartwatches are designed to be used by athletes. However, normal watches are designed for general use.

Using smartwatches for fitness tracking

A smartwatch provides many smart features, including GPS and heart rate monitors. Some smartwatches can also play music. You can use a smartwatch to read and answer messages or make calls from your wrist as well. Many people prefer to use a smartwatch as their fitness tracker.

Types of Smartwatches

There are three different types of smartwatches available. These include:

  • Fitness smartwatch: This is a smartwatch with fitness features. It has a modern display and very accurate sensors to monitor your physical activities.
  • Hybrid smartwatch: This type of smartwatch has sophisticated technology that is advanced and well-built, however, it does not have a digital display. As a result, it has longer battery life and less frequent charging.
  • Standard smartwatch: This smartwatch has a touchscreen, enabling you to use your fingers when operating it. It is mostly used to tell the time, although it has advanced technology.
  • Luxury smartwatch: This is a smartwatch designed for people who are into high-end fashion. It is primarily flashy and unique, and the materials are well-sorted. Its price is also relatively high compared to other smartwatches. Their brands are usually globally known, which explains why they are so expensive.
  • GPS smartwatch: This smartwatch has the same functionalities as fitness smartwatches. It is mainly used by people who are into outdoor activities like mountain climbing, hiking, and running. Its main functionality is its ability to track the user’s navigation during their activities. However, it also has other smart functionalities like showing notifications and messages.
  • Sport-specific smartwatch: This smartwatch is also fitness-based but designed for a specific sport. An example of a sport-specific smartwatch is a golf smartwatch. A golf smartwatch has a course map and a GPS tracker. It helps golf players move around the court and tracks how many shots a single hole takes. Other sport-specific watches for rowing, biking, and mountain climbing are also available.

Is a smartwatch similar to a fitness tracker?

Most people find it hard to differentiate between smartwatches and fitness trackers, as they have a lot of similarities. This is because most smartwatches have fitness functionalities, like heart rate tracking and mileage, because of the GPS feature. On the other hand, fitness trackers nowadays can mirror your notifications. Even though they may seem similar, there are a couple of differences between them. One key difference is the design. Smartwatches have a traditional appearance with a square or round display, while fitness trackers mostly look modern, almost similar to a bracelet. A smartwatch is designed to add convenience to your life with functions like texting through your smartwatch and listening to music without using your phone.

On the other hand, a fitness tracker mainly helps users track their fitness and health when engaging in physical and sports activities. Often, most people find it difficult to choose between fitness trackers and smartwatches. Smartwatches usually allow you to keep in touch with your family and friends through calls and texts directly through your smartwatch. Most fitness trackers only allow you to see notifications, but you must use your smartphone to reply to messages or answer calls. However, you do not have to choose when purchasing because you can always get both. This helps when there isn’t a functionality program in either a fitness tracker or a smartwatch.

Why should I use a fitness smartwatch instead of my smartphone?

A fitness smartwatch is more convenient than a smartphone because it is portable and easy to carry around when working out. It stores all the information about your workout, so you don’t have to carry your smartphone around, except in signal-free areas. It can also be controlled from the comfort of your room through a virtual assistant rather than having to walk up and down several times to get your phone. It is less likely to be misplaced or stolen because it is easily worn on your wrist.

Is a hybrid smartwatch a good fitness tracker?

There are a couple of hybrid smartwatches on the market, and many people use them for different fitness reasons. Hybrid smartwatches have an analog look that is not so different from that of a regular watch. They can be used for fitness tracking because they have basic fitness monitoring features, like the ability to connect to different devices via Bluetooth and give important notifications. Although hybrid smartwatches are elegant and stylish, they have some qualities that may be challenging to use for some people. For example, hybrid smartwatches have buttons. This means you must stop and use the buttons to change settings during your workout, which may be a nuisance to some people. Other fitness smartwatches only require you to swipe through the display, which is more straightforward.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Fitness Tracker

  • Fitness activities: If you like swimming, it is reasonable to get a water-resistant fitness tracker that keeps track of your mileage and heart rate, among other features you want to monitor. These also apply if you run, bike, or just take walks. A fitness tracker with GPS would be an added advantage to keep track of the route you follow. In addition, if you are into exercising and are working towards achieving a certain fitness goal, purchasing a fitness tracker with features that keep track of the amount of body fat and calories you burn after a training session would be wise. 
  • Appearance: The appearance of the fitness tracker plays an essential role if you use it at your workplace. It must match the official or casual look according to your dress code at work. At the same time, it should be able to show notifications and reminders on tasks you have to do at the office. The overall idea is to help you when working out and make your work easier at work.
  • Smartphone compatibility: A fitness tracker will automatically pair with your smartphone once you have downloaded its app to your device. However, ensure your smartphone is compatible with the fitness tracker you intend to purchase. Some fitness trackers can only pair with smartphones from specific brands. Getting a fitness tracker from the same brand as your smartphone is best.
  • Necessary accessories: Some fitness trackers are sold without basic accessories like chargers and USB cables. If your goal is to save money, you should ensure that the smartwatch you want to purchase comes with all the required accessories to avoid further expenditure.
  • Capabilities: A fitness tracker with SMS capabilities gives you the power to send messages directly to other people through your smartwatch without needing a smartphone. Pairing your smartwatch with your smartphone gives it access to your contact list. If you don’t want a fitness tracker only used for activity tracking, you should select one with the ability to send SMS messages to other people. If your fitness tracker has SMS capabilities, you can message your family members without going back to your phone.
  • Subscriptions: It is unfortunate to buy a product only to realize that you need to pay for its services or features. Unfortunately, most fitness trackers nowadays are designed with subscription requirements, but you don’t have to worry about that. All you have to do is make sure that all the features you need to use are provided free of charge, so you do not have to pay for any subscriptions in the future.
  • Tracking accuracy: Most people get a fitness tracker to monitor their health or workout progress. Knowing how accurate the tracker is, regarding how well it keeps track of these things, is essential because it helps you monitor your progress and be aware of any health risks. An inaccurate fitness tracker will frustrate you during training because you will never be sure if your training is bearing fruit.
  • Design: For a fitness tracker to be most useful, it should be easy to navigate through different apps and functions. People have different preferences regarding how they want to interact with their fitness trackers. Some people prefer having buttons around the fitness tracker’s screen for easy access, while others like swiping and pinching the screen.
  • Style: Different companies have different fitness tracker designs, and some look better than others. A beautiful fitness tracker will be a plus point when buying one. Also, purchasing a nice-looking smartwatch adds to the general appearance of your outfit and style. Make sure to select a fitness tracker that matches your personality and brings out your essence.
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