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Best Galaxy S22 Cases in 2023

By Joanna Clayton · Dec 15, 2022

A phone case for your Galaxy S22 is something that you must buy to protect your phone from early damage. The case cushions your phone during a fall or when someone mishandles it to ensure that it does not chip or break. This protection increases your phone's lifespan and helps you to enjoy its efficient services. Therefore, as you look for your new phone, our experts advise including the phone case in your budget. In this article, we have expounded on four leading brands of phone covers that we know can give you what you need: Samsung, OtterBox, Spigen, and LifeProof. The four brands provide protection and add aesthetic value to your phone. We have confidence that these four brands will give you a long-lasting phone cover and ensure that you will not go back shopping for a new phone within months of purchasing one. As we explore these options, we believe you will find something that will please your eye and meet your budgeted amount.
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5 Best Galaxy S22 Cases in 2023

Best flip case for Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S22 S View Flip Cover

Samsung Galaxy S22 S-View Flip Cover

Material Plastic
Color Black

Product available at:

Best budget Samsung Galaxy S22 Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Galaxy S22

Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Material Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Color Matte Black

Product available at:

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Case for drops

Otterbox Commuter Series Galaxy S22

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

Material Silicone, Polycarbonate
Color Black

Product available at:

Best recycled Samsung S22 Case

Lifeproof Galaxy S22

LifeProof Wake Series Case

Material Plastic
Color Black, Green, Grey

Product available at:

Best leather case

Samsung Galaxy S22 Leather Case

Samsung Galaxy S22 Leather Case by Samsung

Material Leather
Color Black

Product available at:

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5 of the Best Galaxy S22 Cases in 2023

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We applaud Samsung's flip cover for the Galaxy S22 gadget. The case has a flip top that shields the screen, which is a unique addition to the basic case designs. However, the top doesn't have a magnetic attachment or any feature to help it stick to the screen when you're not using the phone. This causes the top cover to flip open if you hold the phone upright. The top part has a space at the top right corner where you can see message notifications, battery life, time, and calls. This feature allows you to constantly receive updates with notifications and pick calls without others seeing your screen. This kind of privacy is great. Another essential feature is that you can do basic things, such as pausing music or picking a call by pressing on the cover. Apart from the sleek look and design, the cover also functions as protection for your phone. It prevents cracking and breaking in case of a fall. Since it perfectly fits the phone, you won't have to worry about slipping off or less cushioning. The manufacturer tops it off with a sleek look that makes your phone look classy and unique.


The cover’s most unique feature is the top flap. The top ensures that you prevent people from monitoring what you’re doing on your screen. It also allows you to do simple operations like picking a call or controlling the music without removing the top cover. Samsung designed this cover with a peep-space where you can see the notifications and who is calling.

Samsung made this cover to fit its Galaxy S22 phones. The company tests and ensures that it meets the necessary conditions to snugly fit and protect these gadgets without worrying about slipping. Therefore, using the case for other phone types means you will not enjoy the maximum benefit the manufacturer had in mind.

It would help if you purchased a screen protector alongside the cover. Whereas the top part covers the screen, it may not provide enough cushioning in a flat fall. The flap also doesn’t stick to the screen, making it risky to operate without a screen guard. The screen protector and cover work hand in hand perfectly to safeguard your pricey possession.

This is a plastic case but specially designed for this phone. The material allows you to enjoy having a lightweight cover while giving your gadget the protection it requires. Since this cover comes from the maker of the Samsung Galaxy S22, you can be sure that it provides adequate shielding and an extra touch of elegance.

Yes, it does. The phone case does not affect wireless charging in any way. You can keep your cover on while the phone continues to charge, and you will not notice any issues. The peep space at the top also allows you to monitor the progress without removing the flap.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Privacy
  • Easy phone access
  • Wireless charging
  • Unique look
  • No flap magnet
  • No extra protection
Many people know Spigen for its quality phone covers for all gadget types. The company has a new case for your Samsung Galaxy S22 that will save you money and give you the quality you need. The cover is budget-friendly, ensuring you do not incur a heavier expense right after purchasing a new phone. Despite the low pricing, the company guarantees that every cover it makes surpasses the standard and brings out the beauty and uniqueness of the Spigen brand. One main perk of this case is its air technology that helps shock absorption. Spigen also makes the case slightly raised to help protect the screen and the lenses during a fall. The raised lip hinders the phone from touching the ground if it falls face-first. In addition to the two features, the cover also has a rugged, bumpy surface. Combining the three characteristics gives your gadget extra protection from any brutal force. The flexible TPU case has a spider web pattern on the interior, securely holding the phone in place. Additionally, the cover has tactile buttons to help you use your phone with ease. You do not need to use extra force on your side buttons. The cover also offers additional flexibility to make it easier to put on or remove. In addition, the matte black finish and rugged texture give your phone a unique, classy look.


It uses air technology to give extra cushion to your phone’s corners and edges. The solid material provides quality shock absorption that secures your gadget when it drops from your hands. The rugged raised edges help give extra protection when the phone encounters a heavy force or falls flat on the ground.

This cover works best for the Samsung Galaxy S22 gadgets as its build and shape fit the phone. Using it for bigger or smaller phones negatively impacts the cover and makes it inefficient. If you use the case for other phones, you will not enjoy as much protection as the manufacturer intended.

Buying a screen protector alongside the cover is very important. The protector shields the screen from harm when the phone falls face first. The case cushions the phone’s front face, but the screen guard enhances that work by giving an extra layer of protection. You can include the screen guard in your purchase.

Spigen makes these covers from Carbon Fiber and Thermoplastic Polyurethane. The combination of these two products creates a strong material that can withstand common falls and bumping. The material also protects your gadget from harm. Additionally, combining the material with the rugged form enhances a firm grip, preventing the product from slipping out of your hand.

Yes, the cover does not hinder the charging process; therefore, you can always keep the case on. This ensures you safeguard your gadget from harm if it falls while charging or someone mishandles it. Keeping your cover on at all times also ensures that you do not misplace it or wear it out.

Pros & Cons

  • Slim
  • Quality protection
  • Firm grip
  • Perfect fit
  • Tactile buttons
  • Air cushion technology
  • Lightweight
  • It makes the phone wobble on flat ground
  • One color
In today's world, people are always on the move. You need a phone cover that you can handle easily and that can protect the gadget from common scraping and hitting. That's why you need the OtterBox Commuter Series case. The new series comes with some extra protection to help you when you use your phone. The first distinguishing factor from the previous Defender series is the rubber found on the inner side. This helps you slip the phone easily into the case. The outer shell is rigid to give extra protection from any external forces, like drops or hitting. OtterBox makes these cases withstand three times as many drops as the military standard. The outer layer protects from strong forces, while the inner layer gives soft cushioning. Therefore, you get a guarantee of long service and drop protection. Secondly, the manufacturers incorporate a silver-based antibacterial ingredient to protect your case from bacterial growth. You might place the phone on wet surfaces or keep it on your hand for too long, causing you to sweat. The moisture usually becomes a suitable breeding ground for bacteria. However, with this cover, the bacteria won't survive. The sleek outer shell gives you a solid grip while still letting the phone easily slip in and out of your pocket. It also has raised edges to protect your screen and lenses and port covers to prevent dirt and other items from damaging your ports.


This cover has excellent drop protection due to its double layers. It gives your phone extra cushioning so that it doesn’t suffer harm during a fall. It also has a silver-based component that prevents bacterial growth in the cover, thus increasing its lifespan. This cover is ideal for those who use their phone a lot and those whose gadgets frequently drop.

We advise using this phone cover for the specified gadget for adequate protection. Straying away from the manufacturer’s plan and using it on other phones limits the efficiency of the case. Even with the double layer for cushioning, the product works best with the Samsung Galaxy S22 phone. However, using it on a smaller phone may not give the firm hold, thus limiting its function.

We encourage purchasing this case alongside the ArmorSuit screen protector that offers an extra shield for your screen. Since it only covers the gadget’s back and side, it is essential to protect the front screen. This screen protector comes in a package of two so that you can replace the first one if the first one should break.

The cover is made from 35% recycled plastic. The main materials are Silicone and Polycarbonate, which make the case strong and durable. The final product is a thin, pocket-friendly shield with a firm grip. However, due to the double layer, the product can add extra weight to your gadget.

This product has no impact on wireless charging. You can enjoy fast, efficient charging while the case is still intact. Even when using the electric charging port, you don’t have to remove the cover. Each port also has a resealable opening where you insert the physical charger.

Pros & Cons

  • Thin
  • Drop protection
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Double layer
  • Port protection
  • Antimicrobial technology
  • Extra weight
  • Limited colors
  • Not waterproof
LifeProof gives you an opportunity to help conserve the environment while protecting your phone. The company offers a cover for your Samsung Galaxy S22 that it manufactures from ocean-based recycled plastic. This makes the product a good cause that you can support. The case is simple but elegant and has a unique wavy pattern that makes your phone's back look beautiful. The wavy pattern gives a contemporary look while still giving your palms a nice low-key feel. This cover is also a perfect fit for your gadget. The one-piece design ensures that you will not struggle to put on the case, and you'll have a firm grip. LifeProof makes the plastic strong enough to ensure that it will provide extra protection to your phone. The plastic case can survive a drop of up to two meters without breaking or harming your phone. For every case you purchase, one dollar gets donated to the company's non-profit partners to keep help with the task of cleaning our oceans. It is crucial to note that though the cover comes from recycled plastic, it does not compromise the quality of the product. The cover helps you contribute to a noble cause and still keeps your expensive gadget safe from harm.


LifeProof’s Samsung Galaxy S22 case comes from recycled plastic found in the ocean. The cover, therefore, has an excellent texture that provides extra protection. It also has a wavy pattern that identifies with the ocean waves and gives it a modern look. Your cover also comes in three different colors, giving you the chance to choose your preference.

The manufacturers make this cover only for the Samsung Galaxy S22 phone. The design and size may not effectively serve other gadgets with a similar look. Avoid using it on smaller phones as the cover may be loose, which can cause the phone to slip. On the other hand, if the case is smaller, you may damage it while trying to fit the phone.

If you don’t have a screen protector, we advise getting one along with the case. Though the cover comes as one item, you can include the screen protector to ensure that you give all-round protection to your gadget. You can also get a dual-layer guard to enhance the cushioning of your entire phone.

The Wake Series covers come from 85% recycled plastic. The manufacturers remove plastics dumped in the ocean and use them to make elegant phone covers for all phone types. This means they help safeguard the environment and provide long-lasting products. The company also makes the case extra durable to protect your phone from damage even when dropped from a two-meter height.

The plastic cover does not affect wireless charging. You can always have your protection on whenever you want to charge your phone. This compatibility ensures that you don’t have to remove your case frequently, thus protecting the product from early damage. It also keeps you from forgetting the case after charging.

Pros & Cons

  • Quality material
  • Wireless charging
  • Beautiful pattern
  • Drop protection
  • Color variety
  • Not waterproof
  • Slightly heavy
The Samsung Galaxy S22 leather case is an excellent option for your new phone. Made by the company producing the phone, you can expect it to meet all the requirements for a phone case. The company makes this case from original leather to ensure you get a long-lasting solution that does not break. The leather is also pretty light, ensuring you don't feel any extra weight. The Samsung cover has the exact fit of the phone. It leaves no room for the gadget to wiggle around or even slip. The firm grip also secures the back and sides, creating perfect cushioning. Samsung uses soft, genuine leather that gives the case a sleek look, thus improving your phone's look. Its soft feel means you'll enjoy holding the case in your hand. Another perk of having this cover is the lens protection. It gives the back camera lens special protection and prevents cracking and scratching from hard items. This feature ensures that you enjoy taking quality pictures and videos to share with your friends and loved ones. The cover's black color gives your phone that sleek, premium look it deserves. The slim leather also ensures that it doesn't add unnecessary width that may burden your hand.


This phone cover is light so that you don’t feel an additional weight on your phone. The high-quality leather looks elegant, giving your phone that premium look that complements your expensive phone. The leather is also very soft, ensuring you enjoy its feel on your palms. Moreover, the leather doesn’t scratch easily. Therefore, it will serve you for a long time while maintaining its new look.

The company makes this case an exact fit for the size and design of the Samsung Galaxy S22. Using it on another phone means that you may have something bigger or smaller that may not give you the protection it should. It would be best if you do not buy this cover for other phones as you may have a problem getting the case to fit well.

When you buy the phone case, you should get a screen protector as well. Since the cover only shields the sides and the back, it is best to have a protector protecting the front. The screen protector acts like a shield to prevent any damage from happening to your screen.

Samsung makes this cover from quality leather. The company ensures the case is slim, soft, and light while offering the required protection. This unique material choice makes it worth the price and helps protect the money you invest in the Samsung Galaxy S22 phone. The leather also outlasts other plastic covers since it doesn’t break or crack.

The manufacturer recommends removing the case when you want to charge the phone wirelessly. Though the case supports the charging mechanism, it may interfere with the 5G experience, making your charging inefficient. Therefore, when you want to use the Wireless PowerShare, remove the leather cover, and you will enjoy speedy charging.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Soft
  • Durable
  • Perfect fit
  • Lens protection
  • Affects wireless charging
  • Not waterproof

List of all Best Galaxy S22 Cases in 2023 for your needs

Product Date Price Shop
Samsung Galaxy S22 S-View Flip Cover 12/2022 $ 19.56 Buy
Spigen Rugged Armor Case 12/2022 $ 15.99 Buy
Otterbox Commuter Series Case 12/2022 $ 25.19 Buy
LifeProof Wake Series Case 12/2022 $ 29.99 Buy
Samsung Galaxy S22 Leather Case by Samsung 12/2022 $ 24.95 Buy

How often should I change my phone cover?

No matter how well you use your phone, the cover will not last forever. However, you can get a sense of how long the product will serve you depending on the quality and your usage. Most manufacturers make covers out of durable plastic that can handle average drops and scratches.

If you own a plastic cover, it can last about three to four years, and it will still be in good shape. However, if you constantly drop the phone, the case might get cracks and chips that will significantly reduce its efficiency. If you notice that the phone cover has several weak points, you should replace it since it may not protect your gadget as needed.

Leather covers are a different case altogether. Since leather doesn’t crack or break, it may last slightly longer than its plastic counterparts. However, despite the long lifespan, leather wears out from scratching and rubbing on hard surfaces. Therefore, as much as it doesn’t break, it may lose its aesthetic value with time and make your phone look neglected.

As soon as you notice that your cover has cracks, dents, or scratches, you should start planning to replace it. Generally, with proper care and maintenance, you can change your cover every three to five years. Switching a case can also happen when you find something classy and unique that improves your gadget’s appearance.

What are things to consider when choosing a phone cover?

When buying a cover, you need to ensure that it is your gadget’s exact design and size. If you get something bigger, your phone will be at risk of slipping out of the case. The cover design should also match your phone’s exact design to ensure you will not struggle using some parts of the phone due to uneven fitting.

Secondly, you should check the material of the case. Some materials last longer, while others have a short lifespan. It is also advisable to check the reviews on people’s opinions on whether the cover is as durable as the manufacturer states. Since the market has a large variety, you should countercheck each product to ensure that it will serve its purpose effectively. This also means you won’t have to go back to replace the cover within months.

Color availability and patterns are a factor that you should consider as well. Apart from protecting your gadget, the cover should also be appealing to your eyes. Since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you should choose what pleases your taste. Some brands only offer one color but include unique patterns and attributes that make your phone stand out. However, others offer different colors to allow you some variety.

Other essential features are the cover’s weight and texture. Ensure you get something that does not add unnecessary weight to your phone. With a light case, you will notice a minimal change in how heavy your gadget feels. However, a heavy cover adds significant weight, making your phone feel bulky. This will be pretty uncomfortable for those who put the phone in their pocket. You should also get something that has a soft yet firm grip. You wouldn’t want the phone to slip out of your hand from time to time, even though the cover protects it from damage. Nevertheless, the body should be pleasant to hold and have a soft surface that doesn’t irritate your palms.

Finally, consider your budget. When you do your cover search, you will find the case that suits your preference and budget. Different brands sell at different prices, and you need to go through your options to see which one fits your expected price. However, do not compromise on quality because of the cost.

How to take care of a Samsung Galaxy S22 phone case

As earlier stated, the care you give to your phone and case, in general, determines how long the cover will last. One of the best ways to take care of the case is to minimize careless handling. If you have toddlers in the house, you can keep the phone away from them so that they don’t use it as a toy. You can also ensure you place the phone away from the surface edges to prevent it from falling.

Additionally, if you know you’re at high risk when it comes to dropping your phone, avoid having it on your hands for too long except when using it. Put your phone in your pocket or bag when you’re not using it. This will prevent someone from accidentally hitting it out of your hand. If you hold it for too long, you may easily forget about it and end up dropping it. Having it securely placed in your pocket, bag, or flat surface minimizes the risk of these accidents.

It is also essential to avoid removing the case frequently. Even with a flexible cover, removing it often increases its chances of chipping or wearing out. However, in some cases, you may need to remove it, especially if the cover does not support wireless charging or if it obstructs the general charging mechanism. Leather interferes with wireless charging; therefore, removing it when using this function is inevitable.

However, when going about your duties, avoid messing around with the cover since you may wear out the edges. For products with a rubber interior or edge, constantly removing and replacing the cover may gradually loosen the case’s fitting. The phone might also start moving within the body, which means that the case size has changed. This, in turn, leads to reduced phone safety.

We also advocate reducing the number of people handling your phone. When you let many people handle your phone, you will notice wear and tear happening faster since they may not handle it as carefully as you would. However, when you minimize the number of people who come in contact with your phone, you protect your gadget and experience a longer lifespan for your cover.

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