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Best Standing Desks in 2022

By Emille Williams · Sep 27, 2022

Desks are essential pieces of furniture that can be put to use all around the home for various tasks. One type of desk that is becoming more popular is the standing desk. Standing desks can provide you with a more ergonomic position to work in while you're at your computer. They offer a range of benefits, including a decrease in the likelihood of you developing joint or bone issues from working at your computer all day. One of the critical things to take into consideration whenever you are looking for a standing desk is the overall quality of the desk. You want to ensure that you are getting a standing desk that is made out of high-quality materials, including one that is going to be able to hold up the weight of the monitor and your computer, as well as any other items you choose to add onto it. Several different types of standing desks can be purchased on the market today; we've reviewed some of the most popular options here to help you find the best standing desk for your needs.
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Great value for money office chair for back pain

Sihoo Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Surface Size N/A
Materials N/A
Finish N/A
Minimum Height N/A
Maximum Height N/A
Maximum Supported Weight N/A
Electric N/A

Product available at:

Best ergonomic standing desk
Ergotron Workfit D

Ergotron WorkFit-D Standing Desk

Surface Size 47.6 x 23.5 inches
Materials Laminate, Steel
Finish Walnut
Minimum Height 30.6 inches
Maximum Height 50.6 inches
Maximum Supported Weight N/A
Electric No

Product available at:

Best standing desk for taller people
Branch Desk

Branch Standing Desk

Surface Size 48/60 x 30 inches
Materials Laminated Melamine, Steel
Finish Woodgrain, White, Walgreen, Fog
Minimum Height 25 inches
Maximum Height 52 inches
Maximum Supported Weight 275 lbs
Electric Yes

Product available at:

Best larger standing desk
Apex Desk Ax7199aw

ApexDesk Elite Standing Desk

Surface Size 77 x 33 inches
Materials Engineered Wood
Finish Walnut
Minimum Height 29 inches
Maximum Height 49 inches
Maximum Supported Weight 235 lbs
Electric Yes

Product available at:


Great standing desk for shorter people
Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Surface Size 48 x 30 inches
Materials Bamboo, Steel
Finish Bamboo
Minimum Height 24.5 inches
Maximum Height 50 inches
Maximum Supported Weight 350 lbs
Electric No

Product available at:

Best budget standing desk
Flexispot Standing Desk

Flexispot E7 Standing Desk

Surface Size 48 x 30 inches
Materials Engineered Wood, Steel
Finish Black
Minimum Height 24.4 inches
Maximum Height 50 inches
Maximum Supported Weight 220 lbs
Electric Yes

Product available at:

Easy to install standing desk
Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing Desk

Surface Size 60 x 30 inches
Materials Wood
Finish Black
Minimum Height 25 inches
Maximum Height 50.5 inches
Maximum Supported Weight 200 lbs
Electric Yes

Product available at:


Best overall standing desk
Uplift Desk V2

Uplift V2 Standing Desk

Surface Size 42 x 30 inches
Materials Wood,
Finish Walnut
Minimum Height 25.3 inches
Maximum Height 50.9 inches
Maximum Supported Weight 355 lbs
Electric Yes

Product available at:



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8 of the Best Standing Desks in 2022

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Pros & Cons

The Ergotron WorkFit-D Standing Desk is the best ergonomic standing desk featuring a walnut melamine laminate top and a natural wood finish. The top has a durable, stain-resistant, and discoloration-resistant surface that allows for scratches and stains to be easily removed, making it look like new for a long time. The black powder-coated steel legs are durable, fully adjustable, and can support up to 65 pounds. The lifting mechanism is gas-assisted, which is the quietest and easiest way to raise the height of your desk. The desk has a moveable cable management tray that allows for easy cable management access. The 47.6-inch tabletop is large and spacious enough to fit your laptop and other electronic devices and is easy to move around the room. You can customize the desk with accessories such as a cable management tray, a small desk pedestal, and a cable management mat.


It takes less than an hour to assemble the Ergotron WorkFit-D Standing Desk, and it is effortless to lift and lower. Online Assembly Instructions are available if you prefer to follow a video and you can also order the assembly service if you find it difficult to assemble. The assembly instructions are clear and simple, and the parts are labeled. The desk is also shipped in multiple pieces, so the assembly is not complicated.

There is only one size available for the Ergotron WorkFit-D Standing Desk with a height of 50.6 inches, a width of 47.6 inches and a depth of 23.5 inches. It weighs around 60 pounds. This desk can accommodate two 24-inch monitors and is perfect for a dual monitor setup. The size of this desk makes it suitable for people of all heights.

You can get the Ergotron WorkFit-D Standing Desk with a walnut or birch finish depending on your preference. Walnut provides a more elegant appearance for your space, and birch is naturally beautiful that complements any room. This desk also comes with a top that is melamine laminated which has a glossy finish, a durable, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant surface to protect it from breakage, and is easy to clean and maintain.

The desk can support up to 65 pounds. This is low compared to other desks on the market. It is recommended not to exceed the weight limit because the desk could be damaged. You can place your computer on the desk to help you work and use it as a monitor stand.

With a light push of a lever, this height-adjustable desk can be raised from a minimum height of 30.6 inches to a maximum height of 50.6 inches. The built-in brake holds the desk firmly in place and unlocks with just a touch to allow for height adjustment. Additionally, it has unique CFTM technology that enables immediate height adjustment.

Pros & Cons

  • Can effortlessly lift it
  • Easy to change from sitting to standing
  • Has an excellent build quality
  • 5-year warranty
  • Has a large tabletop
  • Has a sturdy metal frame
  • Has visible brake cables
  • No cable management tray
  • Challenging assembly
The Branch Standing Desk is the best standing desk for taller people because it has the lowest height at 25 inches and the highest height of 52 inches which is ideal for taller people. The desk has a modern, slim design which makes it ideal for people who want a simple and clean workspace that is easy to maintain and keep. The melamine-coated particle board top is stain resistant to ensure your desk looks clean and new for a long time. The melamine finish also allows it to withstand scratches and bending, so you can use your desk without worrying about it getting damaged. The frame is made from powder-coated 3mm steel tubing and can support up to 275 pounds, which is more than enough for most people. It also has a low decibel dual motor that easily glides, allowing for adjustments in height with just a push of the hand. The Standing Desk has a 10-year warranty, and the motor and electrical parts have a 3-year warranty.


The desk only has a few parts and can be assembled in just minutes, although it is not easy to assemble. A bag containing all of the screws, an Allen wrench, and five cable clips are also included in the package. The desk also comes with an instruction manual to guide you through the assembly process.

The desk has three sizes which are all perfect for people of different heights and needs. There are just two sizes available for the Branch Standing Desk: a 48-inch wide “Plus” version and a 60-inch wide “Executive” version. The Plus version is suitable for taller people, while the Executive version can be better for those who want a bigger workspace that can be used by more than one person.

The desk is available in four different finishes, which include wood grain, white, walnut and fog. Wood grain is the most popular because it is the most versatile and can be used in both long and short office spaces. The white finish is perfect for modern offices, and the walnut finish is a more traditional look that will look great in traditional commercial spaces. The fog finish is the most contemporary finish that is perfect for offices and modern garages.

The desk can support up to 275 pounds making it a sturdy desk that can work for most people. Its low decibel motors are quiet and functional, allowing for noiseless operation. This means that you can get your work done without being disturbed by any noise that could interrupt work. You can get a convenient cable management tray that makes it easy to hide all of your cords and wires.

The desk has a depth of 30 inches, a minimum height of 25 inches, and a maximum height of 52 inches. It also The desk also includes a control panel on the left side that has an LED display showing the precise height. Additionally, it includes four presets that can be easily set with just one touch using an up and a down button.

Pros & Cons

  • Low-noise dual motors
  • Can support 275 pounds
  • A laminate top that has great looks
  • Has beveled edges that are aesthetically pleasing
  • Cable routing grommet with a brushed finish
  • Available white glove installation
  • Assembly requires tools
  • No cable management tray
  • Complicated assembly
ApexDesk Elite Standing Desk is the best larger standing desk that has an adjustable height from 29 inches to 49 inches. The top measures 71 inches in width and 33 inches in depth, which is large enough to hold more than two monitors and still has enough room for your keyboard and mouse. The top is made from an MDF material that makes it strong and sturdy and has a metallic anchor already installed to make installation easy. The desk has a large cable tray measuring 35.5 x 5.5 inches that help to organize your computer wires and keep them hidden. This standing desk has a powerful dual motor system for lifting that takes 1.5 seconds to move from the lowest height to the highest height. You can use the digital controller to switch through the four programmable presets by simply pushing a button. This sturdy table has a heavy-duty steel frame that forms a thick crossbar, which acts like a stabilizer and can support up to 235 pounds.


The Apex Desk is super simple to set up and can be done in about 45 minutes. You can access an assembly manual online and watch the ApexDesk video to get a better idea of how the desk works. The video clips walk you through the steps and make it easier to assemble the desk. Having one person to hold while placing screws on other parts of the desk is very helpful in saving time and effort.

The desk has two main sizes that are available in six wood colors. The large desk has a dimension of 71 x 33 inches, which is ideal for people who want to work in a larger workspace. The smaller desk measures 60 x 27 inches and works well for people with smaller areas to work in.

The desk is available in four colors which include black, walnut, red cherry, light oak, and moonlight white. Light oak is the most popular color as it is a neutral color that works well in any office environment. The walnut finish gives your workspace a traditional look and the moonlight white finish is perfect for those who want something more contemporary. The black option is one of the most popular because it provides a simple and elegant look.

The desk can support up to 235 pounds, which is more than enough for most office equipment. Its strong build allows for a sturdy base that can support heavy monitors, data projectors, and other computer equipment with ease. You will be able to use your computer without worrying about it tipping over easily if you use the ApexDesk.

It has four memory buttons that allow you to save particular heights by hitting the number you want to save it to, along with a control pad that has the standard up and down buttons for manually setting the height each time. Desk height can be changed at a rate of 1.3 inches per second. It has a minimum height of 28.5 inches and a maximum height of 48 inches which is suitable for anyone under 6 feet tall.

Pros & Cons

  • Feels expertly made
  • The motor operates discreetly
  • Switching the height is simple
  • Strong and durable
  • Legs with locking levers
  • Available in a variety of top and frame colors
  • No Anti-Collision System
  • Cable management tray sold separately
  • Limited customization allowance
The Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk is a great standing desk for shorter people with three height options to suit your working style. The 29 to 48.3-inch height range without a desktop is suitable for people 5 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 9 inches in height, while 24.5 to 50 inches is recommended for 5 foot 4 inch to 7-foot people and finally 21.9 to 42.2 inches works best for people with a height of 4 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 11 inches. The sturdy steel frame can support loads up to 350 pounds and provides reliability and durability. The desk has an Anti-Collision system that automatically detects and retracts once any object touches the desk. The Jarvis desk comes with rubber grommets for noise and vibration reduction and dual motors for smooth operation. The top is made from 100% sustainable bamboo, which is much stronger than conventional wood furniture. The wire management system ensures that all wires, keys, and other accessories are organized and concealed in the desk.


The Jarvis Desk’s setup is pretty simple, although there are many screws, some of which can be challenging to put and tighten. The assembly takes about 30 to 90 minutes, so it is advisable to get help from someone else. Getting someone to help you assemble it will make the job much easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

The Jarvis Desk provides different sizes giving you plenty of options to select the best size that will fit your personal needs. The 48 x 30-inch desk is the standard size that can be adjusted from 25.5 to 50 inches. The desk is also available for different heights and widths to fit your particular needs. 

This bamboo top desk offers various finishes to suit your needs. Maple is a sleek contemporary look that gives you a wonderful office appearance. Black is a classic color to have on an office desk. There is also the walnut finish which will make your office or home more traditional and classic. You can also select the oak finish for a more contemporary look. A stone finish is also available, which combines a stunning stone color with a modern frame.

The desk supports 350 pounds and will hold a lot of weight because it has to strengthen gussets and strong steel feet to make the desk strong and stable. You can use it for heavy office equipment like monitors and printers, so you will have the freedom to arrange your workspace the way you want it.

It can lift 355 pounds, which leads the industry, and its LED configurable device allows you to quickly change the height from low enough for a child to sit to high enough for a 78-inch person to stand. It includes a top that is 30 by 24 inches and a straightforward up-and-down controller. It has a height range of 30 to 49.3 inches.

Pros & Cons

  • Beautiful, well-considered design
  • Strong even at the highest height
  • Modern style sturdy construction
  • Anti-Collision System
  • A system for effectively managing cables
  • Transition from sitting to standing is easy with a programmable controller
  • Expensive
  • More difficult to assemble than other models
The Flexispot E7 Standing Desk is the best budget standing desk that has a weight capacity of 355 pounds allowing you to place heavy monitors and all other heavy office equipment on the desk. The E7 features an LED control panel that lets you adjust the desk to three different heights with just a touch. The adjustable height range for this desk is low to high, which increases its usability. The E7 is sturdy and durable and the surface area of the desk is large enough to fit your monitor, keyboard, and other office equipment. It also has quiet dual motors that allow you to move the desk with great smoothness and stability. The E7 gives you the C-shape and T-shape options for leg styles. T-shape legs are more popular because they are sturdier and easier to assemble. The C-shape gives more legroom and space beneath the desk. The Flexispot E7 also comes with a cable management tray that provides extra cable space for your computer, monitor and other accessories.


The desk is quite simple to put together and one person can easily assemble it and it can take up to 30 minutes. However, assembly by two makes it so much easier and faster. A helping hand will make the whole thing much more straightforward, comfortable, and enjoyable. There are also resources online that will help you if you run into a problem.

There are seven size options for this desk, giving you plenty of freedom to select the size that will not only be useful but also fit your designated space. The sizes are 48 x 30-inch, 55 x 28-inch, 60 x 30-inch, 72 x 30-inch and 78 x 30-inch for bamboo tops. Bamboo is the most popular material option because it is stronger, lighter and more stylish. If you want a wood top, there are 48 x 24-inch, 55 x 28-inch and 48 x 30-inch sizes that you can get. There is an option of getting the frame only if you already have a top.

There is also a lot of variety of finishes available for this desk. A desk with a black walnut and cherry top and black supports is appealingly classic, and the finish comes with a streamlined look. This finish will fit in any decor, including traditional, contemporary or rustic. Rubberwood is a great option if you want to have a rustic feel, but it is also very luxurious. Brown Wood Grain is available as an option that will give you a more traditional look, while the oak finish is a contemporary design.

All of the sizes of the standing desk have a weight capacity of 355 pounds and will hold even heavy objects like monitors, keyboards, and other office equipment. You can fit two monitors and a keyboard and mouse with ease. This means you can place your heavy office equipment on the desk and enjoy all the benefits. Cable management is a must-have feature if you are going to assemble this desk yourself. It will help you keep your clutter-free zone.

With a height range of 22.8 inches to 48.4 inches, the FlexiSpot Standing Desk E7 is appropriate for those between the heights of 4 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 4 inches. Leg columns of the E7 are thicker and the column gap is precisely calculated to be 0.05 millimeters, which is the ideal value for the stages of columns to adjust easily.

Pros & Cons

  • Wide adjustment range
  • Effective and silent functioning
  • Modern style sturdy construction
  • It is simple to us
  • LED controller with a useful memory function
  • Numerous choices for customization are available
  • Limited cable management provision
  • No built-in storage
  • Not many unique features
Vari Electric Standing Desk is an easy-to-install standing desk featuring a patented quick-attach system that allows you to assemble it in minutes. This electric standing desk has four programmable height settings that allow you to set it according to your needs. The T-style legs are tough enough to support the entire load of the desk, including a monitor. Additionally, the heavy-duty steel enhancement for the foot area of the desk makes it more secure than other standing desks. The motor is quiet and reliable, making it easy for you to do your work without being disturbed by any annoying noises. A laminate finish is provided for easy cleaning and durability. You can add accessories such as monitor arms, a keyboard tray, and a laptop stand to your standing desk to customize it further. The Vari Standing Desk will serve you well for many years, making it worth the money that you pay for it.


Vari Electric Standing Desk can easily be assembled in about 10 minutes because it comes with easy-to-attach legs, so you don’t need any special tools or skills to assemble it because all the pieces of the desk are pre-assembled. The leg also has a patent-pending design that makes it easy to attach the legs to the desk. You can put everything together by yourself without any problems.

This electric standing desk is available in majorly 60 x 30-inch and 60 x 24-inch sizes. Both are made with the same features. The 60 x 30-inch size is recommended for people who have enough space in their home office, while the smaller size is better for people who do not have a large room. The 60 x 24-inch size weighs 107.52 pounds, while the 60 x 30-inch desk weighs 126.10 pounds, so choose the size you want depending on your specific needs. You can also get the standing desk in 48 x 30-inch and 72 x 30-inch sizes.

There are several finishes available to choose from for this standing desk. These finishes include black, white, and hazel wood. If you want the desk to look more classy and stylish, the black finish is a great choice. If you choose the white finish, it will give a streamlined appearance to your office space. The hazelwood finish is a more neutral tone that can be used in any room and it will look good in any decor.

The 60 x 30- inch and 60 x 24-inch sizes of electric standing desks each can support a maximum weight of 200 pounds. However, the 48 x 30-inch size supports up to 220 pounds, while the 72 x 30-inch size supports up to 180 pounds. This makes these standing desks more durable than the others because they can support more weight and still be stable after years of use. 

It is simple to transition from sitting to standing during the day with Vari electric standing desks. It allows your work surface to adjust from 25 to 50.5 inches high and has four programmable height settings, making it ideal for taller persons. You may access your ideal height with just one click after programming your height preferences into the control panel memory.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in a variety of finishes and sizes
  • Outstanding Finish
  • Excellent cable management features
  • A ton of customizing choices
  • Holds up to 200 pounds
  • Simple Assembly
  • Seamless Operation
  • Only basic features
  • Non-detection of anti-collision
  • Costs extra to get the cable management tray
The Uplift V2 Standing Desk is the best overall standing desk for several reasons. The desk frame has 48 threaded bolt holes to provide a secure place to attach any accessories. This standing desk is easy to assemble, making it convenient for people to set up as soon as they get it in their homes. The heavy-duty steel construction of the frame makes it able to hold up to 355 pounds and increases its durability for any type of situation that someone may experience. This standing desk has an elegant appearance that is streamlined and modern in a design suitable for any home. It features three-stage legs that can be easily adjusted, as well as a cable management system that is built right into the structure of the standing desk. A six-axis electronic gyroscope sensor is installed to provide advanced anti-collision performance, which makes it easy for your desk to follow the motion of various items attached to it. This standing desk offers users a hands-free workstation that provides high-quality services. It will not disappoint.


Yes, the Uplift V2 Standing Desk can easily be assembled by yourself. It comes with clear instructions that will guide you through the entire process without any problems. You can also get someone to help you, depending on the size and weight of the standing desk. The company also offers assembly services if you decide to contact them to help you with the assembly process.

This standing desk is available in five different sizes, including 42 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, 72 inches and 80 inches in terms of width. Depending on your specific needs, the size you will choose will depend on what kind of space you are looking for. The minimum height of all the desks is 25.3 inches, with the maximum height being 50.9 inches.

There are several finishes available to choose from for this standing desk. These finishes include black, gray, white and metallic. Black is the most popular finish choice and it looks very simple and elegant. The gray finish is more sophisticated, while the white finish is a neutral color that can be used in any room of the house. Metallic finishes are the most luxurious choice and they are intended to give a more high-tech look to your home.

The maximum supported weight for this standing desk is 355 pounds. Usually, office load requirements are closer to 150 to 200 pounds. Therefore, you should feel secure that this desk can support your needs. Additionally, this is a major factor to keep in mind if you are planning to put a computer on it.

To enable regular sit-stand adjustments during use, these desks are outfitted with 3-stage legs that have a wide vertical range. Users between the heights of 4 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 5 inches can utilize the desk. It has a minimum height of 25.3 inches and a maximum height of 48.7 inches. These desks are 33 percent faster and have a 33 percent wider variety of height options than other similar desks.

Pros & Cons

  • 48 accessory-attaching mounting points
  • Online videos and directions for assembly are helpful
  • Cable management tray
  • A ton of customizing choices
  • 15-year warranty
  • Supports up to 355 pounds
  • Quiet dual motors
  • Takes more time to assemble than other models
  • Customization can be expensive
  • Variety of options may be overwhelming to first-time customers

List of all Best Standing Desks in 2022 for your needs

Product Date Price Shop
Sihoo Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair 09/2022 $ Buy
Ergotron WorkFit-D Standing Desk 08/2022 $ 970.66 Buy
Branch Standing Desk 08/2022 $ 699.99 Buy
ApexDesk Elite Standing Desk 08/2022 $ 749.99 Buy
Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk 08/2022 $ 569.00 Buy
Flexispot E7 Standing Desk 08/2022 $ 469.99 Buy
Vari Electric Standing Desk 08/2022 $ 795.00 Buy
Uplift V2 Standing Desk 08/2022 $ 599.00 Buy

What to look for in standing desks

There is a variety of standing desks you can choose from. The decision of which type is best for you is most often based on your individual needs and preferences; for example, if you prefer a standing desk that can help prevent back pain, look for one with a large tabletop and several features. Below are some more examples of what you should look for in standing desks to find one that best suits your needs.

Height settings

Adjustable height will allow you to change the height to meet your personal preference with the various adjustable heights and settings. This allows you to adjust the height of your desk to a comfortable level in order to prevent back pain. Some desks are electric and have a control panel and LED display that shows the height setting. You can easily read the display and get it to the level that you prefer. The height can also be adjusted using levers and gas bags if you prefer a more energy-efficient way to raise your desk. Levers and gas bags require more effort to lift the desk, but they are quieter and more aesthetically pleasing.


If you are looking for a standing desk that is easy to lift and move from room to room, then look for one with casters. This will allow you to move it around easily and adjust it to different places in the room. Also, if you are someone that frequently moves, then having a portable standing desk with wheels is a good option. A portable desk is also convenient for when you need to move it because it is lightweight. Additionally, many office workers who often travel can benefit from a portable standing desk that can be folded up, so it fits in their luggage.


The material the desk is made from is another important factor to consider. If you want a standing desk that will last for years, it is best to go with one that has a sturdy metal frame and legs. Steel is still a popular choice because it is durable and has the ability to endure heavy-duty use. Solid wood also makes an excellent choice because it is sturdy and feels pleasant to touch. The wood is finished with a layer of varnish to ensure that it does not scratch or damage easily. Therefore if you want to protect your desk from dust and spills, then you should choose one that has a protective finish. Bamboo tops are environmentally friendly, stylish, and resilient, and you can easily clean them with a damp cloth to prevent them from getting damaged. If you want one that is lighter, then you can get one with a glass tabletop.

Desktop dimensions

You should also consider the desktop surface area. The desktop surface area provides a platform for your monitor and other accessories. If you are going to use your standing desk for work purposes, then it is usually recommended that you have at least 24 inches in width, since most computer displays are 22 inches wide. This will allow you to comfortably view the screen and provide enough space for other accessories.

Extra features

There are also many standing desks that have different features, such as a wire management tray, a printer stand, and even a drawer for additional storage. Cable management is an important feature to look for when considering the desk. The cable management is the tray on top of the desk that allows you to easily place and route your wires from your computer and other electronic devices. Having this feature allows you to store your wires in one place and be more organized. It also makes your desk appear more organized.

You can also choose a standing desk with a pull-out keyboard tray because it is easier to use when you need to sit down and use your laptop. This will save you the trouble of having to adjust your desk every time because you can easily pull out your keyboard tray and type. A printer stand is a great addition to your desk because it allows you to simply plug in your laptop with the USB cable and use the printer right beside it without having to move your laptop. These features are just a few of the other things you can ask for when choosing a standing desk.

Types of standing desks

Standing desks are separated into two main groups: manual and electric. With manual standing desks, you can easily adjust the height, tilt, and angle of the desk. There are also some desk models that have casters or wheels, allowing them to be moved from room to room. In contrast, electric standing desks are a little more expensive and have many features to control the height and angle. You can easily adjust the height and tilt of these desks by pressing a button on a remote control. These desks are also lighter than manual standing desk models. In addition to manual and electric, there are many subcategories of standing desks. 

Tilt desks

The tilt desk is a standing desk that has no footrest in between it and the platform. It is an ergonomic standing desk that can help you stand with a healthy posture when working on a standing desk. It also has a large rectangular work surface that you can use to store your things, like your laptop and electronic devices. It looks like a regular workstation that you find in most offices and it has a unique look with its white color, large rectangular work surface, and small feet. You can tilt the top of the standing desk, in order to switch from sitting to standing without the need to change your desk.

Electric sit-stand desks

The electric sit-stand desks are another type of standing desk. They are adjustable stand-up desks that allow you to adjust your height, giving you the flexibility of standing or sitting while working. They also come with an adjustable platform that has a flat surface to sit on. Sit-stand desks have a powered control panel that allows you to adjust your height and the angle of your legs from the platform. They are ideal for people who want to use them from various angles. They have several features that make them unique, like a footrest, optional extension arm, integrated computer rack, and more.

Fixed-height standing desks

Fixed-height standing desks have a fixed height and come with a computer holder and a keyboard shelf. Since they are not adjustable, you will only be able to use the device at one height. However, this type of standing desk is perfect for those who like to work sitting down. They are also perfect for being used in small rooms since they are smaller in size.

Ergonomic standing desks

Ergonomic standing desks are adjustable and have height adjustment features, which allow you to move the desk up or down. It has a footrest that is located below the platform and comes with a keyboard shelf. This type of standing desk has an ergonomic design that is specifically designed to help you maintain good posture when you are working on it. The ergonomic design helps to improve your productivity and comfort when you are working on it.

Standing work tables

The standing work table is a great desk for those who need extra space in a limited work area. It has a flat work surface that is perfect for storing and working on your computer, laptop, and electronic devices. It also has a small built-in drawer that you can use to store your phone or other items while you are working. This standing desk has a unique, modern-looking design. It has a white color with black borders, which gives it a sleek look.

Mobile standing desks

The mobile standing desk is ideal for people who are always on the go. It can be easily moved to any location and can help you switch from sitting to standing while you work. They have wheels that make them portable, and it also comes with a handle for easy transportation. It is recommended for people who have sedentary jobs that require sitting for long periods. They also offer several features like a drawer, computer rack, and more. 

Hand crank standing desks

Hand crank standing desks are the simplest type of standing desk. The hand crank allows you to adjust the height of the desk using a lever located at the footrest. These desks are adjustable and ideal for those who weigh less than 250 pounds. They are also affordable and easy to use. Hand crank desks are commonly used in offices, schools, and laboratories.

Standing desk vs. treadmill desk

Both standing desks and treadmill desks are extremely popular amongst working individuals today. A treadmill desk is similar to a standing desk, but it has a treadmill attached to it. Since most people tend to keep moving when they work, the treadmill desks are used to improve your energy levels throughout the day. It also helps you stay active while you work. Standing desks and treadmill desks alike are a great way to avoid being sedentary throughout your work day. 

Generally, standing desks and treadmill desks are made of different materials, have different features, and are used for different purposes. The treadmill desk is designed to help you burn energy while you work by walking on the treadmill. A standing desk has a platform that allows you to either stand or sit when working. Both of these devices can help you get a healthier posture and maintain good health. However, the treadmill desk has more features that help you keep active. The sit and stand feature of standing desks gives you the freedom to work for long hours without getting tired.

Treadmill desk features

Treadmill desks have several features:

  • A monitor and keyboard shelf
  • Platform to keep your laptop, tablet, or printer
  • Easily adjustable height of the desk using a lever on the stem or with a button
  • Casters or wheels that make it easy to move from place to place
  • Anti-slip feet to help prevent accidents when you walk on the treadmill
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