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Best Sunglasses in 2023

By Jennifer Ahrendt · Aug 15, 2022

Protecting our eyes from the sun is incredibly important to our overall health. UV rays from the sun can affect your eyes as much as they do your skin. Sunglasses are one of the best accessories you can wear to both look great and protect your eyes. Check out our list of the best sunglasses to find the right pair that can stand up to all of your favorite activities.
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Best overall sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviator

Ray-Ban Aviator

UV Protection 100% UV Protection
Shape Aviator
Arm Length 135mm
Lens Width 55, 58 or 62mm
Lens Height 47.5mm
Bridge 14mm
Frame Material Metal

Best light weight sunglasses

Roka Oslo

Roka Oslo

Frame Material Nylon
UV Protection 100% UV Protection
Shape Round
Arm Length N/A
Lens Width 51mm
Lens Height 42.7mm
Bridge N/A

Product available at:

Best sunglasses for cycling

Oakley Sutro

Oakley Sutro

UV Protection 100% UV Protection
Shape N/A
Arm Length 140mm
Lens Width 37mm
Lens Height 56.7mm
Bridge 137mm
Frame Material O Matter

Product available at:

Best sunglasses for water sports

Costa Del Mar Fan Tail Pro

Costa Fantail Pro

UV Protection 100% UV Protection
Shape Wraparound
Arm Length 127 mm
Lens Width 59 mm
Lens Height 38 mm
Bridge 14mm
Frame Material Nylon

Product available at:

Best sunglasses for golf

Oakley Portal X

Oakley Portal X

UV Protection 100% UV Protection
Shape Rectangle
Arm Length 135mm
Lens Width 59mm
Lens Height 43.5mm
Bridge 15mm
Frame Material O Matter

Best prescription sunglasses

Warby Parker Hatcher

Warby Parker Hatcher

Frame Material Acetate
UV Protection 100% UV Protection
Shape Aviator
Arm Length 145mm
Lens Width 54, 56mm
Lens Height N/A
Bridge 18mm

Product available at:

Best sunglasses for running

Goodr Og

Goodr OG Running Polarized Sunglasses

UV Protection UV 400 Protection
Shape Classic
Arm Length 141mm
Lens Width 53mm
Lens Height 42mm
Bridge 12mm
Frame Material Plastic

Product available at:



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7 of the Best Sunglasses in 2023

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Getting the classic look you want is easy when you slip on a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators. These sunglasses are a favorite among celebrities like Tom Cruise who wore them in both Top Gun and the sequel Maverick. Suitable for everyday wear, these sunglasses have teardrop-shaped lenses that come in multiple colors and offer protection from the sun. Thanks to the polarized lenses, you can see clearly while playing your favorite sports or are just having fun outside on a bright day. Ray-Ban Aviators have a bridge width of 58mm and a temple length of 135mm to fit most faces. The Green Classic shade of the lenses does a good job of blocking the sun while also giving you a more stylish look when wearing them.


Ray-Ban wants to help you look your best, which is why they offer the Aviator shades in so many different colors. Both the color of the lenses and the frames change based on the style you pick. You can choose frames in gold, black, silver, gunmetal, grey metal, or green metal. The lenses also come in Green Classic as well as Brown Classic, Black Classic, Grey Mirror, Green Classic, Blue Classic, and Violet Classic.

The plastic lenses that Ray-Ban use offer 100% protection against the UV rays of the sun, which is more protection than other similar sunglasses offer. As the sunglasses have adjustable nose pieces and arms, you can easily change the way they fit your face to feel comfortable while also getting the protection that you need.

When you buy Ray-Ban Aviators, you benefit from these sunglasses’ long history. First introduced in the 1930s, they now come with accessories that you’ll find useful. Ray-Ban gives you a carrying case to keep the sunglasses safe when you don’t need them. You also get a cleaning cloth that helps you wipe off the lenses without damaging them.

Aviator sunglasses have a classic look that benefits several different face styles. You can look good in a pair if you have a heart-shaped face with a thinner chin and wider cheeks or a square face without any angles. Those who have round faces will also benefit from Ray-Ban Aviators.

Ray-Ban offers a limited warranty on its Aviator sunglasses. The warranty covers most forms of breakage. You can file a warranty claim online or in a Ray-Ban store or a store that sells the brand’s products. Ray-Ban also has an extended warranty plan available for shoppers who sign up for its reward program, which will lower the cost you pay to replace a pair of broken sunglasses.

Pros & Cons

  • Available in multiple frame and lens colors
  • Offers 100% UV protection from the sun
  • Flattering to most face shapes like round and heart shapes
  • Includes both a cleaning cloth and a carrying case
  • Comes with a good warranty that also lets you extend your coverage
  • Other brands offer similar styles for much less
  • Can feel a little heavy on your nose
  • May leave behind some marks on your face
  • Included case uses cheap plastic
Are you tired of sunglasses that keep slipping down your face? Roka has you covered with its Oslo sunglasses that draw inspiration from classic Scandinavian designs. Not only do the polarized lenses offer sun protection, but they are resistant to fingerprints to cut down on how often you need to clean them. They do not put too much weight on your pressure points and come with a patented GEKO fit and retention system that helps you get the fit you need. As a bonus, both the frames and lenses are resistant to damage caused by the various chemicals you encounter every day. Thanks to the anti-scratch coating, these sunglasses are perfect for daily wear because you don't need to worry about accidentally damaging the lenses.


One of the best things about the Roka Oslo sunglasses is that you can pick the color combination that you like the best. The frames come in different designs such as Campfire Tortoise, Matte Black, and Matte Ember. You have just as many options when it comes to the lenses with options like Gold Mirror and Dark Bronze Mirror.

The basic Oslo sunglasses work in bright light and sunny conditions and only allow 11% of the sun’s rays to reach your eyes. You can get even more protection when you choose one of the other types of lenses. They can filter out 9% of the rays in the full sun and up to 43% in medium sun situations.

To ensure that you get the fit you want, Roka includes three pairs of nose pads with these sunglasses. You can experiment and try each pair to see which one works best to keep your sunglasses from sliding down your nose. The pads also ensure that anyone can wear sunglasses, no matter their nose size.

Round sunglasses such as these can benefit those with oval faces. They break up your facial structure to make your cheeks look more rounded. Round lenses are also suitable for round faces because they match the natural shape of your face. You can also pick the right color combo for your skin tone.

Roka offers one of the longest warranties in the industry for these sunglasses. When you buy a pair of Oslo sunglasses, you get a warranty that lasts for a full two years. Roka also makes it easy for you to file a warranty claim through the official website and see how long it will take for the company to repair your sunglasses.

Pros & Cons

  • Lenses resistant to common chemicals
  • Our top choices for shoppers looking for lightweight sunglasses with a stylish look
  • Choose from different lenses and frames to make your perfect pair
  • GEKO fit and retention system helps with a good fit
  • Filter natural sunlight in all types of conditions
  • Very expensive
  • Only come with nose pads
  • Not all of the lenses offer the same protection
Whether you hit the trail for a fun ride or you compete in cycling marathons, you know that the wrong sunglasses can cause you to finish last. Oakley makes the Sutra sunglasses for cyclists who are serious about the sport. They have square lenses and frames that essentially wrap around your face. You don't need to worry about the glasses slipping when you hit a bump in the trail. The Prizm lenses provide more contrast and help you see more colors and details in your surroundings. Oakley also added Unobtanium pads that keep the sunglasses secure and protection that keep the lenses safe during crashes. Oakley tinted the frames a soft jade green color that filters the harmful rays of the sun while helping you see bright colors.


Oakley encourages you to check out all of the options to make a custom pair of Sutra sunglasses. Though all of the lenses use Prizm technology, you can choose from colors like black and blue. The Sky Blue and Polished Black and Matte Carbon colors are just a few of the available frame colors.

The Sutra sunglasses offer a lot of protection from the sun to keep you safe when you’re cycling. In bright light conditions, the lenses allow only 11% of the sun’s rays to come through. You’ll find that the lenses expose your eyes to even less of the sun’s rays when you wear the glasses in conditions with less light.

When you buy a pair of Sutra sunglasses, you have the option of adding a new pair of replacement lenses to your cart for an additional fee. Your pair will come with instructions on how to swap out the lenses in just a few minutes. Oakley also offers a wide selection of optional accessories, including hard cases and cleaning kits.

Though these lenses have a square shape, they fit more like ski goggles than ordinary sunglasses. That means that they flatter all face types and not just those that look best with square lenses. The durable frames keep the glasses in place but won’t add weight to your face. Check out all of the color combos to find the right pair for your skin tone.

You do get a warranty when you buy a Sutra pair from Oakley. Make sure that you sign up for the reward program or sign in to your rewards account before you buy. This will reduce the cost you pay to replace your lenses within the first year. The Oakley warranty lasts for a full year.

Pros & Cons

  • Our top pick as the best sunglasses for cycling
  • Offers protection from the sun and better clarity
  • Tons of optional accessories available
  • Resists damage from impacts and crashes
  • Block and filter sunlight to reduce transmissions down to 11%
  • Might be too big for your face
  • Cost more than comparable sunglasses do
  • Can feel heavy on your face
From splashing in the water to deep-sea fishing, these sunglasses can handle everything you have in mind. As our choice for the best sunglasses for water sports, they have a wraparound design that keeps the frames from slipping when exposed to water. The premium polarized lenses block the glare that comes off the water and makes it hard for you to see. Added to the frames is a C-Wall coating that repels all types of moisture, including water and sweat. Perfect for all types of water activities, the Fantail Pro from Costa absorbs some of the harsh blue light produced by the sun and enhances some of the other colors you see. They also do an amazing job of blocking the reflection that comes off the water.


Creating a custom pair of sunglasses is easy because the Costa Fantail Pro comes in three frame colors and five lens colors. You can choose from Matte Black, Matte Wetlands, and Matte Grey frames. The available colors you can pick for your lenses include Blue Mirror, Copper Silver Mirror, Blue Glass, Green Glass, and Sunrise Silver Mirror.

Costa designed these sunglasses to absorb 100% of the sun’s rays to reduce harm to your eyes. Whether you wear them while fishing on the lake or surfing the waves, you get the ultimate protection. The sunglasses also come with polarized lenses that allow you to see blue and green colors with more clarity as they block yellow and red shades.

When you buy a pair of Fantail Pro sunglasses, you can look forward to two different accessories that come with your order. The first is the case, which is black and has the Costa logo on the front in blue. You also get a cleaning cloth that won’t scratch or smudge the lenses.

The square shape of these lenses makes the sunglasses perfect for people with round or oval faces. If you have a round face, you’ll find that the sunglasses tone down your face and make you look thinner. The glasses have some of the same benefits for those with oval faces and can look nice on a square face.

Costa has a good warranty that comes with all of its sunglasses, including the Fantail Pro. The company will repair your glasses as quickly as possible once you file a claim online and pay the processing fee. Your warranty also covers any defects in the sunglasses for the life of your pair.

Pros & Cons

  • Best sunglasses for water sports
  • Mix and match different lens and frame colors
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty against defects in the sunglasses
  • Resistant to sweat, scratches, and water
  • Adjustable nose pads ensure that you get a proper fit
  • Expensive, especially when you add accessories or need prescription lenses
  • Charges a processing fee to file a claim
  • Usually better for men than women
Oakley makes our list again because the company makes the best sunglasses for golf. Whether you hit the links to shoot nine holes or spend more time practicing your swing, the Portal X sunglasses offer all of the protection that you need against the harsh rays of the sun. They increase your contrast to help you see further away and track your ball as it flies through the air. Thanks to Oakley's impact protection, you don't need to worry about the lenses breaking if you catch a fly golf ball or have a crash on your cart. Oakley also works with Affirm to help you pay later for the sunglasses you buy today. The blue tint of the lenses works with the polished black frames to create a stylish look.


As with other Oakley sunglasses, the Portal X comes in different colors. You can stick with the Polished Black frame or choose another option like Carbon, which is a deep gray shade. There are just as many options available for the lenses, including Prizm Ruby Polarized and Prizm Black Polarized lenses.

When you’re on the course in full sunlight, the sunglasses filter the amount of light you see through the lenses. Only 12% of the light that the sun transmits will reach your eyes. You will find that you get more protection and expose your eyes to fewer rays when you wear the glasses on a cloudy day.

Oakley shows you all of the fun accessories that you can add to these sunglasses before you check out. The fiber case is lightweight and perfect for carrying with you to the course. If you worry about breaking your glasses, go with the Vault case. All of the accessories are optional and not included with your new sunglasses.

If you have an oval face, you might love the way the Portal X looks on your face when you hit the links. The square lenses break up your face and give you all of the angles you want. You will also benefit from these sunglasses if you have a round face you want to tone down.

Oakley offers a one-year warranty on all of its sunglasses. When you buy the Portal X pair, make sure that you register your purchase online to make certain you can file a claim when you need help. If you join the free Oakley rewards program, you get cheaper replacement lenses and have the option of extending your warranty.

Pros & Cons

  • The best sunglasses for golfers
  • Available in different lens and frame colors
  • Designed to fit faces of all sizes
  • Enhance certain colors and reduce the appearance of others
  • Pick from standard or prescription lenses
  • Warranty does not cover all possible problems
  • Some of the lens and frame options cost more
  • Does not offer 100% protection from the sun
Who says you can't find stylish sunglasses just because you need help seeing clearly? Warby Parker gets our nod for the best prescription sunglasses with its Hatcher design. The company can work with any type of prescription you have or need, including reader or progressive lenses. You just need to have your doctor send in your prescription. If you submit your prescription online, you need to include your doctor's name and phone number, which the company uses to verify it. The polycarbonate lenses are resistant to scratches and come in a soft blue color that filters out the light. Warby Parker also lets you customize the sunglasses to better fit your face. You can choose from a medium or wide face to make sure the glasses are right for you.


Warber Parker knows that not all customers are the same, which is why the company offers different options. No matter which lens color you pick, you’ll pay the same price. Options include Black Oak Tortoiseshell and Oak Barrel. You do need to pay extra if you need a special type of lens though.

The Hatcher sunglasses are available as both standard sunglasses and prescription lenses. They are also available at up to a 1.67 high index for those with higher prescriptions. No matter what pair you buy or the type of lenses you choose, they will filter out more than 80% of the sun’s rays.

Included in the box from Warby Parker are your sunglasses and a carrying case. This case keeps the sunglasses safe until they arrive at your door. It’s also easy to use at home or when you’re on the go. You get a cleaning cloth that won’t scratch or harm the lenses, too.

If you have a square face, you’ll love the way these round lenses look on you. They keep your face from looking too angular and add a few soft curves. Oblong and oval faces also pair nicely with these Hatcher sunglasses. The lenses help balance your face and make you look your best.

Warber Parker knows that you might have concerns about buying prescription lenses online, which is why the brand offers a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy. You can return or exchange the sunglasses within 30 days. Warby Parker will also replace your scratched lenses for up to six months after your purchase.

Pros & Cons

  • The best prescription sunglasses currently available
  • Come in both medium and wide widths
  • Helps you choose lenses based on your prescription strength
  • Polycarbonate lenses resistant to scratches and smudges
  • Free returns and exchanges for one month
  • Requires a valid prescription from your doctor
  • Fewer options than other sunglasses have
  • Some eye doctors offer cheaper prescription sunglasses
Our pick for the best sunglasses for running comes from Goodr. The brand's OG Running Polarized Sunglasses are perfect for all types of outdoor activities. They are lightweight enough that they won't weigh you down and use polarized lenses that keep your eyes from feeling tired. You don't need to worry about breaking or damaging the lenses when you drop them because they have an anti-scratch coating that keeps them safe. The shades also come with pads on the temples and nose that ensure a comfortable fit. Simply adjust the pads with one or two fingers to get a tighter fit when you need it. Whether you love running in the middle of the day or in the early morning hours, Goodr sunglasses give you more protection against the sun.


Goodr recommends these sunglasses for both men and women. Though the shades only come with gold lenses and green frames, you can easily pick out a similar pair that uses some of your other favorite colors. Goodr even has wraparound shades that are perfect for runners who are tired of their sunglasses slipping when they move.

As the Goodr sunglasses are hydrophobic, they repel water as you run. You can run in the middle of a storm or when it’s sprinkling outside. The sunglasses also have polarized lenses that protect you from more than 80% of the sun’s UV rays. You get even more protection due to the sunglasses’ reflective lenses.

Known for making outdoor gear, Goodr gives you the option to add helpful accessories to your order. You can snag a durable leather case that keeps your glasses safe in your car or your suitcase along with hoodies and other clothing that have pockets for your sunglasses. You may want to consider some of those accessories as the pair does not come with any. Goodr also offers helpful tips on how to extend the life of your new sunglasses.

As the lenses in these sunglasses are square, they look best on people with round or oval faces. While a round face has soft edges around all sides, oval faces are usually skinnier around the forehead and chin. You’ll also find that the color of the frames adds a bright pop that flatters most skin tones.

Goodr knows that mistakes and accidents can always happen, which is why the company offers a warranty. When you buy the OG Running Polarized Sunglasses, you get a one-year warranty that begins on the day of your original purchase. The warranty covers damage to the frames and other issues but does not include replacement lenses.

Pros & Cons

  • Very affordable
  • Flattering to most people
  • Our top pick for the best sunglasses for runners
  • Polarized lenses cut down on eye fatigue and discomfort
  • Temple and nose pads adjustable
  • Break more easily than other metal frames do
  • Often go out of stock
  • Can rub uncomfortably against your head

List of all Best Sunglasses in 2023 for your needs

Product Date Price Shop
Ray-Ban Aviator 08/2022 $ 163.00 Buy
Roka Oslo 08/2022 $ 185.00 Buy
Oakley Sutro 08/2022 $ 173.00 Buy
Costa Fantail Pro 08/2022 $ 273.00 Buy
Oakley Portal X 08/2022 $ 173.00 Buy
Warby Parker Hatcher 08/2022 $ 95 Buy
Goodr OG Running Polarized Sunglasses 08/2022 $ 25.00 Buy

What sunglasses are best for different face shapes?

Sunglasses not only protect you from the sun, but they also are a great accessory that enhance your style. When it comes to aesthetics, the best sunglasses often depend on the shape of your face. Keep reading for sunglass recommendations by face shape.

Diamond faces

Diamond faces have sharp edges around the chin and forehead. People who have diamond faces should stick to simple sunglasses to best complement their faces. Oval and rectangular sunglasses are often the most flattering because they add some curves to your face. If you’re looking for a more edgy and unique style, you can also go with cat-eye glasses that have a fun vintage look.

Oval faces

Faces that are thinner on the top and bottom and wider in the middle are considered oval. If you have an oval face, you likely have wide and high cheekbones, which often cause faces to appear more round. Cat’s eye lenses are great for you because they draw more attention to the narrow areas of your face. You can also opt for rectangular or square lenses.

Round faces

Most round faces have wide cheeks; one issue that some people with round faces have is that they look a little chubby. Thankfully, the right sunglasses will work with your natural curves but make you appear thinner. Square or rectangular sunglasses are the best option for you, especially when you choose a bold or dramatic color.

Triangular faces

Triangular faces have a wide and flat chin and a narrow or thin forehead. Cat eye sunglasses are perfect for people with triangular faces, as they are wider at the top and thinner at the bottom, which matches your natural facial structure. You might also choose rimless sunglasses that have a thin metal rim around the bottom and a thicker design at the top.

Heart faces

If you have a heart face, you have a sharp chin and round edges that form the top of the heart around your forehead. If you have a heart face, you need sunglasses that are proportionate to your facial structure. Aviators are one popular choice that work for both men and women. Both rectangular and round sunglasses will look equally nice on you.

Square faces

If you can almost draw a square around your face, you have a square face. Square faces generally have straight sides that match a flat chin and forehead. As your square face makes your forehead and chin look larger than they are, you want to invest in sunglasses that enhance your natural curves. Round and oval lenses are the best options for you. Wearing square lenses can add even more angles to your facial structure.

Are there different types of sunglasses?

If you have only ever worn cheap sunglasses before, you may not realize just how many different designs there are. Aviators are quite popular with both men and women. Ray-Ban introduced the first aviators in the 1930s and modeled the sunglasses after the glasses that pilots wore. Celebrities like James Dean and Tom Cruise wore them in the past. Aviators have thin metal frames with larger lenses and a narrow design around the nose. Wayfarers became popular in the 1950s and again in recent years thanks to hipsters. These glasses have thick frames and might remind you of the glasses that Buddy Holly wore. Some of the other types of sunglasses include:

  • Round sunglasses: Round sunglasses often have small lenses that are completely round like those that John Lennon wore. Modern designs often add some sharp angles to the top and bottom but keep the round sides.
  • Wraparound sunglasses: Popular with different types of athletes, these sunglasses get their name because they wrap around your face/head. They are a good option for those who do activities and need sunglasses that won’t move.
  • Butterfly sunglasses: Less common than some of the other types, butterfly sunglasses are much larger and wider. They essentially look like a butterfly with angled sides.
  • Cat-eye sunglasses: Called both cat-eye and cat’s eye sunglasses, this design features curved sides that angle to form sharp corners on the top. Some have sharper angles than others.

Are there different types of lenses?

It’s important that you give some thought to the lenses that your new sunglasses use, especially if you love doing certain sports or activities.

Polarized lenses

Polarized lenses are the most popular option because they improve your clarity. The lenses do a good job of blocking some of the reflections that you would otherwise see. They also block some UV rays to keep your eyes safe. Though you can get prescription polarized lenses, you must have a valid prescription. When you see the eye doctor, you get a prescription that is good for a year. You can either submit a copy of the prescription that your doctor gave you or provide your doctor’s information and let the company contact them for you. Some people also wear polarized lenses if they have sensitive eyes or had eye surgery.

Anti-reflective lenses

Anti-reflective lenses are less popular but still have some fans. You can wear sunglasses at night and during the day to get some protection from nearby light sources. Anti-reflective lenses reduce the glare that comes off your computer screen or television and can also limit some of the halos you usually see. If you have astigmatism, driving at night can seem almost impossible because every light you see casts a halo over your vision. With anti-reflective lenses, you will see fewer of those halos. Many of these sunglasses have a coating that repels water when you’re on the beach or outside in the rain. The lenses also repel the dust that flies off outdoor trails. Some sunglasses of this type also have a coating that prevents scratches and smudges.

Photochromatic lenses

If you wear prescription glasses and don’t like switching between pairs, consider sunglasses with photochromatic lenses. Progressive lenses are one of the best examples. These lenses appear clear in conditions with less natural light. As more light appears, the lenses slowly darken to protect your eyes. You can choose photochromatic lenses, even if you have an intense prescription with a high index. They are also available for those who need bifocals.

Blue lenses

You can also choose sunglasses with blue lenses, which are popular among people who spend a lot of time working with electronics. All types of electronics produce a lot of blue light, including your phone, tablet, and computer. The blue lenses in these sunglasses limit the exposure your eyes have to that light. They also help block some of the blue light you encounter outside. Blue lenses usually have a coating on the outside that resists scratches and other damage to help the glasses last longer.

What should you look for when buying sunglasses?

One important thing to look for when choosing a new pair of sunglasses is the visible light transmission or VSL. This tells you both how much light gets through and when or where you can use them. A VLT level of up to 19% is suitable for bright and full light conditions, while a VLT of up to 40% is suitable for daily use. A level of more than this amount tells you that you should only wear sunglasses when it’s overcast or cloudy. Though some sunglasses have a VLT of 80% or higher, they are only suitable for extremely low light conditions. Sunglasses with a lower VLT are perfect for wearing when you relax on the beach or hit the golf course.

Another thing to think about is the type of coating found on the lenses. Though not all sunglasses are coated, the coating makes them suitable for wearing in different places. A hydrophobic coating, for example, lets you know that the lenses repel water and that you can wear them in or near the water. Whether you love canoeing and kayaking or prefer to just hang out on the beach, you’ll appreciate a hydrophobic coating. An anti-fog coating is a great option if you wear sunglasses in the morning or on cold days where the lenses fog up when you head inside. You can spend hours playing in the snow without seeing the lenses fog over when you go inside. If you want to wear the sunglasses for months or even years, look for those that have an anti-scratch coating. You might also like mirrored sunglasses, which have a reflective coating that cuts back on the glare you usually see. Other things to look for as you shop for sunglasses include:

  • Tint color: Different tint colors enhance and reduce some of the colors you see. Lighter tints in the pink and yellow families are great to wear in the winter because they reduce the color of the snow that’s around you. Darker tints in the brown and green families are suitable for everyday wear. Though blue tints are popular with electronic uses, you may prefer a different tint.
  • Lens material: Though cheap sunglasses often use plastic lenses, you have many other options. Glass is the most expensive lens material and has a tendency to break easily. Polycarbonate lenses are a little cheaper and resist impacts and scratches. You can also choose acrylic lenses, but you should keep in mind that they can distort your vision.
  • Frame material: Metal frames are popular with those who need lightweight sunglasses. Though metal keeps the weight down, it can bend or warp. Acetate lenses are an affordable option that some love because the material comes in bolder and brighter colors. You can also choose nylon frames, but nylon sunglasses usually do not last as long as other types do.
  • Polarized lenses: Not all sunglasses have polarized lenses, but these lenses have a lot of benefits. They reduce the glare that comes off the water when you’re fishing and off nearby lights when you’re outside. Wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses give you more clarity and can keep you from squinting.
  • Price: While price matters to you, you should know that cheaper sunglasses do not last as long as expensive pairs do. Cheaper sunglasses often use plastic in both the lenses and frames. While you might get a few months of use out of a pair, spending more will help you avoid the cost of replacing your sunglasses regularly.
  • Warranty: Always consider the warranty that comes with your new sunglasses, too. You usually want a warranty that lasts for at least six months up to a full year. Make sure you find out whether the manufacturer charges you for repairs and what the warranty covers.
  • Prescription processing: If you need prescription lenses, find out how long it takes to process your order. Though some companies can make your new sunglasses in a few hours, others can take weeks to get in touch with your eye doctor and make the glasses before they even ship them to you. Make sure you give yourself enough time for the glasses to arrive.
  • Size: Bigger is not always better when it comes to sunglasses. A bigger pair covers more of your face and can keep your eyes and skin safe from the sun. The downside is that the glasses can feel heavy and put a lot of pressure on your face. Though smaller sunglasses offer less protection, they are great for people with smaller or thinner faces.
  • Fit: While you can’t try on sunglasses online to make sure they fit your face, you can buy from brands that offer a money-back guarantee or warranty that allows you to return the lenses if you aren’t happy. When you put on the sunglasses, you should feel as though you’re wearing almost nothing on your face. If the frames rub against your temple and ears or you feel pressure on the back of your head, the fit isn’t right for you.
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