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Best TVs in 2022

By Sydney Goodrich · May 25, 2022

A TV is an integral part of nearly every home and many businesses. It’s what allows us to stay connected, relax, and enjoy entertainment with friends and family. Older televisions all relied on the same technology, with the size accounting for the major differences. Modern televisions use a much larger variety of technology, in addition to smart features, audio variation, and more. In this article, you will find out how much these features really matter and how to choose a TV you can get the most out of.
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Great design and customizable features
Samsung The Frame 55

Samsung 55-Inch Class The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV

Refresh Rate 60fps
Resolution 4K
Color Technology Quantum HDR
Sound Output 4 channels at 40W
Ports 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet
Smart Features Integrated Wi-Fi, voice assistants, full web browser, app casting, Bluetooth connectivity
Great brightness, contrast & colors
Hisense 65u8g

Hisense U8G 65-Inch

Refresh Rate 120Hz
Resolution 4K (2160p)
Color Technology Quantum dot
Sound Output 10W and 10W
Ports 4 HDMI, 3 USB, Digital Optical Audio
Smart Features Android TV
Great value HDR gaming
Vizio M Series 55

VIZIO M-Series Quantum 55-Inch Class 4K HDR Smart TV

Refresh Rate 60fps
Resolution 4k UHD
Color Technology Dolby Vision HDR10
Sound Output 2 10W speakers
Ports 3 HDMI, 1 USB, Ethernet
Smart Features Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SmartCast including virtual remote and streaming service apps, integrated Chromecast, compatible with Apple AirPlay, smart home integration including Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant

Product available at:

Wide viewing angles
Lg Nanocell 55

LG NanoCell 90 Series 2021 55-Inch 4K Smart UHD TV

Refresh Rate 120fps
Resolution 4k Ultra HD
Color Technology 4K Dolby HDR
Sound Output 40W
Ports 4 HDMI, 3 USB, Ethernet
Smart Features Integrated Wi-Fi, LG ThinQ AI, voice assistant integration, LG webOS with streaming service apps
Unbeatable picture quality

55-Inch Sony Bravia XR A90J Series 4K HDR OLED

Refresh Rate 120Hz
Resolution XR 4K Super Resolution
Color Technology XR Triluminos Pro HDR
Sound Output 2 20W and 2 10W
Ports 4 HDMI, 3 USB, Ethernet
Smart Features Integrated Wi-Fi, Google TV and Google Assistant, voice assistant integration, smart home integration

Product available at:

Vivid brightness and color saturation
Samsung Neo Qled 4k Smart Tv

Samsung 55-Inch Neo QLED TV

Refresh Rate 240fps
Resolution 4K UHD
Color Technology Neo Quantum HDR
Sound Output 60W
Ports 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet
Smart Features Integrated Wi-Fi, Smart TV powered by TIZEN operating system including apps and full browser; integrates with voice assistants, universal guide, and ambient mode
Great image quality and fantastic connectivity
Sony Xbr 55x900h 55

Sony 55-Inch X900H Full Array LED Smart TV

Refresh Rate 120fps
Resolution 120fps
Color Technology Dolby Vision HDR 10
Sound Output 10W + 10W
Ports 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet, composite video
Smart Features Android operating system with Google Play Store for streaming apps, voice search, Apple AirPlay compatible

Product available at:


Great feature selection at a low price
Vizio 55 Inch V Series 4k Hdr Smart Tv

VIZIO 55-Inch V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV

Refresh Rate 60fps
Resolution 4K
Color Technology Dolby Vision HDR
Sound Output 2 10W speakers
Ports 3 HDMI, 1 USB, Ethernet
Smart Features Integrated Wi-Fi, VIZIO SmartCast platform with streaming apps, Apple AirPlay and Chromecast built-in, voice assistant integration
Great performance in dark rooms
Lg C9 Series Smart Oled Tv 55 4k

LG C9 Series Smart OLED TV – 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD

Refresh Rate 60fps
Resolution 4k Ultra HD
Color Technology Dolby Vision HDR 10
Sound Output 20W
Ports 3 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet
Smart Features Integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone casting, screen mirroring, LG app store for video streaming apps, virtual assistant compatible

Product available at:

Great value for money Dolby Vision HDR
55 Inch 4k Uhd Hisense Roku Tv


Refresh Rate 60Hz
Resolution 4K
Color Technology Dolby Vision HDR
Sound Output 2 8W Speakers
Ports 3 HDMI, 1 USB, Ethernet
Smart Features Integrated Wi-Fi, Roku TV platform, voice control, Apple Airplay compatible, full host of Roku platform apps

Product available at:

Great performance and smart TV functions
Tcl 55 Class 6

TCL 6-Series 55-Inch Google TV

Refresh Rate 120fps
Resolution 4K UHD
Color Technology QLED Quantum Dot Technology
Sound Output 15W + 15W
Ports 4 HDMI, 2 USB, Ethernet
Smart Features Integrated Wi-Fi, Roku TV platform, casting capability, a full host of apps through Roku

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11 of the Best TVs in 2022

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The Frame by Samsung brings an entirely new take on televisions. This particular television doubles as a work of art when you’re not using it for watching your favorite shows or movies. You can use it as a digital photo frame with your family’s latest pictures. Or, select from one of over 1,400 works of art to make it a beautiful art piece on your wall. It also has a customizable bezel around the edge of the television, allowing you to better match the frame to your interior design. The television experience is best in class as well. It has a motion sensor to turn it on when you enter the room but allows you to save energy when you’re not around. It also has self-calibrating sound so that no matter where the television sits in the room, you’ll get a great sound experience to match the picture.


The Frame TV operates on Samsung’s operating system, Tizen UI, which is reported to be easy to navigate. Additionally, the screen on The Frame TV is incredibly clear with great resolution, making use simple for even those with little experience using TVs. 

Yes, the Frame TV comes equipped with HDR10+, the HDR technology all recent Samsung TV models come with. While not all of the content you stream or download will support HDR10+, 

The Frame TV does in fact feature Bluetooth capabilities. You can use this function to connect your soundbar or even headphones to your TV for a wider range of audio experiences. You can also use the TV’s Bluetooth to wirelessly connect other compatible devices, like a keyboard or gaming consoles.

Pros & Cons

  • Blends perfectly into decor 
  • Wireless 
  • Decent option for gaming
  • Remote comes with shortcuts to streaming service apps
  • Must purchase the frame separately
  • Must purchase digital art for display
The Hisense U8G offers an incredible display, competing against even some of the most well-known TV brands. It features quantum dot color, a UHD display, and great contrast levels, creating the ultimate viewing experience for enjoying your favorite TV shows and movies. It is, of course, compatible with HDR and HDR10+ and uses a full array local dimming techniques to adjust colors and further enhance its display. While it does feature an excellent display, this TV is best used in smaller rooms, as the screen has been known to distort images when viewed from an angle. This Hisense model comes with 2 HDMI ports allowing you to plug in additional devices, like gaming consoles. This TV is also great for gaming, as it has a low input lag, and a fast response time. The audio quality, however, is not the best, so you may need to purchase a soundbar or speaker to watch movies or use a headset when gaming. With your purchase, you will receive a remote control with batteries, a power cable, a TV stand, and screws.


The Hisense U8G has been reported by users as easy to navigate. Particularly for those who use Android or Google products, this Hisense TVs allows you to simply log in to your account, like Netflix, Disney+, etc. simply by connecting your associated Gmail account. However, if you’re looking for a TV with convenient voice controls, the Hisense U8G remote has been reviewed as difficult to use.

Yes, the HIsens U8G is HDR and HDR10+ compatible. This makes this TV a great choice for watching movies and shows, as well as gaming. You will need to activate the HDR component to take advantage of this feature.

Yes, this TV comes blutetooth enabled, allowing you to connect external devices, like a soundbar, speaker, or other devices and accessories.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality display for its price
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Works well as a gaming TV and for watching movies
  • Can log into apps using your Gmail account
  • Poor sound quality
  • Low energy ratings
If you’re looking for a high-quality 4K television with a lower price point, then consider the Vizio M-Series. This gives you the full 4K experience with over 1 billion colors in the quantum color display. It has a very thin bezel around the screen, giving you a more viewable area for the space it occupies. It doesn’t leave you wanting on the game front, either. Operating at 60fps and 4K resolution, it has a latency of less than 10ms. It comes equipped with the V-Gaming Engine, ensuring you get a crisp, detailed, and smooth picture while playing even fast-paced games.


The Vizio M-Series is best viewed from front on. Unfortunately, it does not support sufficient viewing from any other angles, making it a better choice for a bedroom TV. 

Vizio supports both HDR and HDR10+ content. It uses quantum dots to display the best pictures in HDR, and it’s a great TV for HDR gaming. 

Unfortunately, the Vizio M-Series is not equipped with Bluetooth. It does come wifi enabled, allowing you to connect your TV to the internet to use streaming services or online games.

Pros & Cons

  • High-quality images for a low price
  • Easy-to-use interface 
  • Great for HDR gaming 
  • Offers crisp motion
  • Dated media player app 
  • Need an additional soundbar for best audio experience 
Take gaming to a whole new level with the LG NanoCell 90 Series. This television comes equipped with the NanoCell display, which minimizes backlight bleeding for deep contrast and an extremely detailed picture. Add to that the low-latency mode and HGiG, and you get extreme detail in your gaming picture. The AMD FreeSync premium processor ensures a clear picture, free from stuttering and tearing. Even if gaming isn’t your priority, you’ll still get a premium viewing experience for television and movies on the LG NanoCell. The onboard speakers and processor work to give you an immersive sound experience, even without external audio equipment. Finally, control the action more easily using the Magic Remote with programming shortcuts, point, click and scroll, and voice control.


This LG model reportedly has wide viewing angles, however, at the edges of the TV, the image may become a bit skewed. Users say this is fine for regular home use with a few friends or family members, but if you plan to host viewing parties, not every viewer in the room will experience the best visuals.

The LG NanoCell is HDR compatible. Users report that the HDR function, along with its quick refresh rates, works great to provide an excellent gaming experience. It also supports SDR content. 

The LG NanoCell 90m comes Bluetooth enabled and can connect to your home wifi. This means you can connect your TV to any Bluetooth wireless speakers or soundbars to enhance your audio experience.

Pros & Cons

  • Great sound quality 
  • Offers clear, crisp pictures 
  • Screen fights glare well
  • Poor color volume
  • Distorts images at edges of screen 
Sony brings you a home cinematic experience with this television that includes the Bravia Core. This is a video service included with select Sony televisions. It adds exceptional programming to the XR 4K display, including Motion Clarity and Upscaling. The upscaling takes standard HD content and improves it to nearly 4K quality. Simplify your entertainment experience with one simple remote. This includes not only your television for streaming and your Blu-ray player, but also your gaming and streaming devices.


XR refers to the cognitive processor that is featured in Sony TVs. This is their version of using artificial intelligence in their TVs. Rather than artificially changing what is displayed on the screen, Sony’s XR technology uses what they call “cognitive intelligence,” which forms images similar to how the human brain processes images to provide users with the best quality viewing experience.

Yes, as its name suggests, the Sony Bravia is compatible with HDR. Users report that its display is incredible, especially when compared to other brands’ OLED TVs.

The Sony Bravia is definitely Bluetooth enabled, which allows users to connect their speakers, headphones and other audio devices to the TV.

Pros & Cons

  • Perfect for watching HDR content
  • Uses cutting edge technology to enhance display
  • Insanely small bezels
  • Higher end of prices for OLED TVs
The Samsung Neo QLED TV uses quantum matrix technology to bring unparalleled clarity and detail to your television viewing experience. This uses mini LEDs, each with a full range of colors, to provide exact and deep color. Let this television level up your fitness level in addition to your gameplay. It comes equipped with Samsung Health, which brings content from leading fitness partners.


Samsung’s interface on all of its devices are simple and easy to navigate. The Neo QLED TV is no different. It comes with an environmentally friendly remote that connects to your TV via Bluetooth, allowing you to control your TV from further distances in your home. 

Yes, the Neo QLED is HDR compatible and even supports HDR10+. The HDR content along with the TV’s QLED display allows for amazing image quality that is immensely satisfying for those using this Samsung model for gaming.  

Yes, the Samsung Neo QLED comes Bluetooth enabled. You will need to use the Bluetooth capabilities to pair its remote, and, of course, you can use this function to connect speakers and other audio devices to your TV. 

Pros & Cons

  • Bright display with a wide range of colors
  • Features a Game View and Game Bar specifically for gamers 
  • More expensive than other LED TVs 
  • Comes with poorly designed stand 
The Sony X900H television has a full-array LED display has a matrix of LED lights providing backlight behind the screen. This technology allows for truer dark areas, providing great detail and granularity in the picture. Get the experience the creator intended, whether that’s movies, TV shows, or games. This television comes equipped with Calman auto-calibration software, correcting color variation in the picture. These variations can come from transmission degradation or simply the passage of time. This software corrects all that and brings back the original picture.


If you are familiar with Adroid interfaces and designs, the Sony X900H will be easy to use. Even if you are not used to Android devices, this model should be simple to navigate. 


Yes, it is HDR compatible. Gamers report that this Sony model is an excellent choice for gaming in HDR due to its response times and low input lag. 

Yes, all recent Sony TV models come with Bluetooth. This allows you to pair your TV with any external advice. Simply visit the TV settings to connect your desired speaker, headphones, gaming consoles, etc. 

Pros & Cons

  • Great for gaming 
  • Extremely thin bezels 
  • Wide range of colors and good color volume
  • Narrow viewing angles
Enjoy crystal clear television and movies with the V-Series 4K HDR television from Vizio. The screen is lit with an LED backlight that’s evenly distributed across the entire screen, providing uniformity and incredible detail. The IQ active processor offers 4K upscaling to give your standard HD programming that extra 4K quality. Gaming gets an upgrade with the Vizio V-Series as well, with the V-Gaming Engine. This has a spectacularly low 10ms input latency, which means your gameplay will be as close to real-time as you can get. The 4K 60fps resolution means you’ll also enjoy impressive detail in your games, giving you an advantage over your online opponents.


While the Vizio V-Series has an easy-to-navigate interface, the operating system, display, is reportedly problematic. User reviews mention a few different bugs that get worse over time. 

Yes, the Vizio V-Series is HDR compatible, allowing for brighter, more vibrant colors when viewing your HDR content. It also supports 4K, HDR10+, and HLG content. 

The Vizio V-Series Smart TV comes with Bluetooth feature for pairing devices for streaming or gaming wirelessly. However, there is no Bluetooth function for audio devices, like soundbars or headphones. 

Pros & Cons

  • Low input lag makes it great for gaming
  • Thin design
  • Great contrast 
  • Not great for watching sports or content with lots of action 
  • Does not have HDMI inputs
  • Narrow viewing angles
LG is well known for its consumer electronics, including high-performance televisions. The C9 series comes with OLED technology, which uses individually self-lit pixels to provide a sharp image for a full range of colors. It also offers a game optimizer to decrease latency and maintain HDR settings. This television offers several unique modes to enhance your TV and movie viewing experience. Try the Filmmaker Mode to bring you the truest sense of the director’s vision while filming. If you'd rather not mount the television on the wall, there's an optional studio stand. You’ll have a host of streaming options with the built-in apps and its compatibility with voice assistants thanks to the ThinQ AI.  


Yes, the LG C9 is a great TV for anyone looking for a high-quality, simple TV. It has been reported to be best used during the day. Its wide screen also allows for viewing from multiple angles, so it’s a great option for a large living room space, as it can be viewed from any angle in the room. 


The LG C9 has been reported as a great TV for watching HDR content. Its OLED display offers a range of colors, as well as dark blacks. The HDR capability also allows for the TV’s best brightness levels. 

Yes, luckily, you can easily connect the television to a surround sound system with integrated Bluetooth.

Pros & Cons

  • Great response time 
  • No bezels on the screen
  • Minimalist design
  • Has a voice control feature on the remote
  • Relatively low brightness in HDR
The Hisense Roku television provides a crystal-clear visual experience due to its 4K UHD display combined with Dolby Vision HDR technology. The higher 120 fps refresh rate ensures that the picture stays clear, even when you're watching rapidly changing action. Gaming is at its peak with the Game Mode, reducing latency to improve your gameplay. The Roku platform brings a host of entertainment options to your fingertips. It offers over 4,000 apps and channels, both paid and free, so that everyone in your household can find something to enjoy.      


Yes, the Hisense Roku TV features an easy to navigate home screen, simple remote, and even updates its software automatically. This takes the pressure off of using and maintaining your TV, so you can simply enjoy your shows and movies as you please.


Yes, while not all Roku TVs are HDR compatible, this Hisense model is. You can turn the HDR function on and off depending on what kind of content you are watching. Reviews suggest enabling the dark HDR mode for watching movies.

Yes, the Hisense Roku TV does come Bluetooth enabled allowing you to connect external audio devices. To use this feature, you must visit your TV’s settings to pair your headphones, gaming consoles, speaker, or whichever device you desire. 

Pros & Cons

  • Both affordable and high-quality
  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to navigate 
  • Good built-in speakers


  • Design is not sleek
  • Additional picture modes are not high quality 
The TCL 6-Series provides an incredible experience for everyone from the movie enthusiast to the avid gamer. This 55-inch television boasts Dolby Vision graphics combined with QLED technology to provide a high-contrast visual experience, highlighting every detail. The Dolby Atmos sound provides an immersive audio experience for incredible sound, even without an external sound bar. Gamers will enjoy their experience with the THX Game Mode. This provides a low latency gaming experience, ensuring that your gameplay isn’t affected by image smear, low response time, or visual lag.


Yes, the TCL 6-Series offers has everything you need already installed in the TV. You won’t need to purchase add-ons to enjoy streaming you favorite shows or movies, and you won’t need to adjust the display. The TCL 6-Series comes pretty much ready to use, making it a simple yet high quality TV for your home. 

The 6-Series supports 4K HDR content. However, it’s important to note that you must turn the feature on when you intend to watch HDR TV shows or movies. Gamers that use this TCL TV also report that it is great for gaming.

Unfortunately, the TCL 6-Series does not offer Bluetooth connectivity. You can, however, connecrr a speaker or soundbar using one of the HDMI ports. There is also is a feature, called Private Listening, which will allow you to connect your TV’s audio to a Roku app on your phone or tablet. 

Pros & Cons

  • Sleek design
  • Larger amounts of storage on Google TV
  • Great display for 4K HDR content
  • Need external speakers for best audio experience
  • Not Bluetooth enabled

List of all Best TVs in 2022 for your needs

Product Date Price Shop
Samsung 55-Inch Class The Frame QLED 4K Smart TV 05/2022 $ 1397.99 Buy
Hisense U8G 65-Inch 05/2022 $ 899.99 Buy
VIZIO M-Series Quantum 55-Inch Class 4K HDR Smart TV 04/2022 $ 448.00 Buy
LG NanoCell 90 Series 2021 55-Inch 4K Smart UHD TV 04/2022 $ 796.99 Buy
55-Inch Sony Bravia XR A90J Series 4K HDR OLED 04/2022 $ 2198.00 Buy
Samsung 55-Inch Neo QLED TV 04/2022 $ 1099.99 Buy
Sony 55-Inch X900H Full Array LED Smart TV 04/2022 $ 999.99 Buy
VIZIO 55-Inch V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV 04/2022 $ 388.00 Buy
LG C9 Series Smart OLED TV – 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 04/2022 $ 2496.99 Buy
55-Inch Class R6G 4K UHD HISENSE ROKU TV 04/2022 $ 309.99 Buy
TCL 6-Series 55-Inch Google TV 04/2022 $ 648.00 Buy

How Are TV Sizes Measured?

When determining the size screen you have space for, you need to know how to measure it properly. Advertised measurements are only for the actual screen, from the top-left corner diagonally to the bottom-right corner. Depending on the television you’re purchasing, there may be a frame, also called a bezel, around the screen, so be sure to account for that extra space when deciding where you’re going to place your television.

Regular TV vs. Smart TV

A smart TV is also known as a connected television because it connects to the internet. This eliminates the need for add-ons, like Rokus or other consoles to access online content on your TV. Initially, smart TVs incorporated basic streaming services, but have since evolved to now include other online services: 

  • Web surfing
  • Social networking
  • Voice control
  • Integration with home security systems

Best times to buy a new TV

No matter what kind of TV you’re looking to purchase, you’ll have opportunities to get great deals throughout the year. You’ll find the best opportunities to purchase a television at a substantial discount in winter, spring, and fall. Your first opportunities are in January and February, leading up to the Super Bowl. You’ll also have opportunities in March and April, as new models hit the market. Then there are the Black Friday sales. If you can get one of the doorbusters, these are often the best deals of the year.

Choosing your TV

Different environments and uses bring about different considerations. Some of the most sought-after applications are for the bedroom, your outdoor entertaining area, and for gaming. Consider what makes a good fit for each of these uses.

Best TVs for bedrooms

Having a television in the bedroom has become a mainstay in many homes around the world. Whether it’s for the master bedroom, or to give your kids their own place to game, having a TV in the bedroom can help to keep some visual and noise distraction out of your main living space. It’s important to find the best television for the price you’ll pay and make sure it’s well-suited for bedroom use. As you look at your options, consider size, smart features available, and how you plan to use the TV.

Many studies have shown that having a TV on while you’re trying to fall asleep decreases the quality of your sleep. Theories about the exact culprit for this include the overall amount of light from the TV, the blue light from the monitor interrupting your circadian rhythm, and the sound from the show you have on. Regardless, what we do know is that having a television on while you’re sleeping has consistently shown to prevent deep and restful sleep. In turn, this leaves you feeling groggy and tired when it’s time to wake up. Ideally, you’ll fall asleep in a dark and quiet room without any distractions. That’s not to say there’s no use for a TV in your bedroom at all. For adults, the bedroom can be a nice retreat for relaxing and watching a movie while snuggling under the blankets with your partner. It can also be a great way to catch the news or weather in the morning while getting ready to leave home. Let’s not forget about the security possibilities when it comes to smart units.

For the kids, installing a TV in their bedroom allows you to remove gaming consoles from the primary living space to a place where they can still enjoy it. They can watch some of their favorite movies and shows while you’re entertaining guests, too.

Best Sizes

When it comes to the best TVs for a bedroom, matching the size of the television to the size of the room is important. For instance, you may want a smaller unit for a kid’s room than for the master bedroom. In part, this is because of the distance between whoever is watching the television and the unit itself.

For the standard 10-foot by 10-foot bedroom, a 32-inch television is typically an appropriate size. This provides a large enough screen that you don’t have to strain to see what’s on it clearly but isn’t so large that it will overwhelm your senses. On the other hand, a master bedroom that’s 20 feet by 15 feet may need a larger screen to allow you that same comfort. For this space, you may want a screen that’s around 55 inches.

Smart Features to Consider

It’s also essential to consider the smart features available on the TV in your bedroom. There are obvious services, like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu. However, the capabilities go well beyond your streaming services alone.

First, consider what’s on your smartphone that you may want to put on your television. You’ll want to look at the casting compatibility to make sure it works with your phone without the need for an additional device. If social media is important for you, consider how well the television interacts with your preferred social media platforms. This can be indispensable as you’re getting ready for the day while trying to keep an eye on local news, weather, or even school happenings.

Finally, review your use of household security devices like a doorbell camera. Will the television integrate with those devices so that you can easily identify that strange noise without having to get out of bed? From a security perspective, this gives you additional minutes to call law enforcement if you think someone is attempting to break into your home.

Best TVs for Outdoor Use

During the warmer months when you prefer to spend more time in your backyard, it’s common to want to take some entertainment out with you. While it’s tempting to take a normal television designed for indoor use outside, they are often ill-equipped to give you a satisfactory outdoor experience. Consider the following challenges as you think about adding a television to your outdoor space.

Placement and Size

Consider where you’ll place the television in terms of its distance from where you’ll sit. You want to make sure the TV is big enough that you can actually see what’s on the screen. The outdoor setting lends itself to a greater distance from the television, so you may want to consider a 55-inch screen to be sure everyone can enjoy viewing it. Additionally, think about the natural lighting and how it may affect what you can see on the screen. Many modern televisions have a screen that discourages glare. However, the brighter it is outside, the harder it will be to clearly see what’s on the screen. Make sure you’re considering a model that has a brightness of at least 500 nits.

Designed for the Elements

Putting a TV outside means it’ll have to deal with changes in the environment that most indoor units are ill-equipped to handle. Start by considering resistance to moisture. You can build an enclosure around your television to help combat this. However, by doing so, you run the risk of also trapping in additional heat, increasing the wear on your TV. Look for a set that has sealed vents, screw holes, speaker grills, and seams. This helps keep rain and summer humidity away from the sensitive internal components.

Additionally, consider the temperature variations the TV will experience while it’s outside. Even if you bring it inside over the winter, it’ll still experience significant temperature swings during the day. Heat alone is a significant issue, potentially harming internal electrical components. You may want to consider a model that’s equipped with an internal cooling system, something most indoor sets do not include. Most TVs have plastic housing, which becomes brittle after exposure to UV light and temperature changes. Consider a model that’s made of more durable materials.


If you rely on the internal speaker, make sure it’s designed for use in a more open setting. Alternatively, you can connect it to an external speaker or soundbar. Some soundbars and surround sound speaker systems need to connect through traditional wired ports. If this is what you’re planning to use, you’ll want to make sure your model is equipped with the correct ports. Although, Bluetooth speakers are used more commonly. This could still be a soundbar that mounts below your television. You may want to choose a portable Bluetooth speaker so that you can take the sound closer to the action as you move around your patio or yard. While Bluetooth is popular, it’s far from a standard feature, so you’ll want to check to make sure the model you’re purchasing includes it.


Finally, consider how you’re going to connect to power, and if you need the television to connect to your wireless network. Ensure the power cable is long enough to reach from wherever you’ll mount the set to the power outlet. Additionally, check to make sure the set’s wireless connectivity is compatible with your home’s wireless network.

Similarly, you’ll need to consider the model’s capability of integrating with your security system. If you’re in the backyard grilling or relaxing, this makes it easy to find out when someone comes to the front door. This adds a level of convenience so that you don’t have to carry your phone or a separate monitor with you as you go about your chores.

Best TVs for Gaming

If gaming is your main priority when purchasing your TV, then getting a high-quality television will take your game to a new level. While you can connect many popular gaming consoles to just about any modern television set, avid gamers have particular needs and preferences. Consider the factors that define the best TV for gaming.

Latency and Lag

Latency, also known as lag, is incredibly important to anyone playing games. Most gamers know this as a function of online play. However, there is also lag between your gaming device, either console or computer, and when the image shows up on the screen. You’ll have a better gameplay experience when you have lower latency. At a minimum, you’ll want a latency rating under 30 milliseconds (ms). More serious gamers prefer an even lower latency, down around 13ms. The low-end, higher resolution televisions typically have higher latency. If you don’t want to lay out top dollar for your television, you may want to consider a 1080p model for now. Keep in mind that the latency of your screen doesn’t mean much if your network latency is poor. Both must be low to give you the best gameplay experience.

Refresh Rate

How quickly you can recognize what’s happening on the screen changes the quality of your gameplay. Refresh rates are referred to as Hz, frame rate, or frames per second (fps), and describe how quickly the image on the screen changes. The refresh rates on modern televisions range from as low as 30fps all the way up to 240fps. Low-end screens have about 30fps, which is sufficient for older consoles and budget gaming computers. While you can play console games at a higher refresh rate, most console gaming enthusiasts using older systems are satisfied with this rate.

Future systems, however, are aiming to bring more visual intensity to their games, so the 60fps will be the norm moving forward. This is also the frame rate targeted by most PC games and gaming computers. If you plan to connect your PC to your TV for gaming, then you’ll want to consider this better frame rate. Plus, it’ll satisfy the needs of the newer systems like Xbox X and PS5, not to mention any future consoles.


Incredibly important for any gamer are the ports available to plug-in consoles and gaming computers. First, consider what you want to use your TV for: Is it strictly for gaming or also for watching movies on DVD or Bluray? You’ll want to consider the inputs required and aim to have enough inputs for everything you would like to plug in. If you have multiple consoles or use older consoles that rely on the RCA inputs, you’ll want to consider some sort of switch or splitter. If you’re using a gaming PC, be sure to consider whether the TV comes equipped with a DisplayPort, the clear preference among serious gamers. Other inputs you may need to consider include coaxial and s-video. Be sure to have a look at the device you’re using, then look for the TV model that includes as many of the ports that you’ll need so that you can minimize ancillary devices for converting signals.

Consider the Future

Resolution is right up there with refresh rates in the conversations among pro gamers. The resolution indicates the depth and crispness offered by the screen. The better the resolution, the more real the picture feels, making it seem like you’re in the midst of the action.

Most gaming systems don’t take advantage of the highest-resolution technologies, like the Ultra 4K HD. Rather, the maximum output resolution has typically been around 1080p. The newer PS5 and Xbox X tout compatibility with 4K resolution. Keep in mind that the picture you’ll experience is always a balance between resolution and refresh rate. Expect that moving forward, systems will aim for the higher 4K as a standard.

In addition to resolution, you’ll want to consider image contrast. HDR makes colors more pronounced, with darker blacks and brighter whites. This provides much greater detail in the image on the screen, something that is useful when playing many popular multiplayer games.

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Last updated on May 25, 2022