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Best Washing Machines in 2023

By Jennifer Ahrendt · Jul 29, 2022

Keeping clothes clean is an important part of your household routine. If you don't have a washing machine, you need to spend time and effort hitting the laundromat, adding to your list of monthly expenses. Even just a couple of loads a week can add up to over $20, not to mention the time and money you spend to drive to the laundromat. Buying a washing machine for your home might sound expensive at first, but it saves you money in the long run. You'll find washing machines at different price points to fit your budget. With so many washing machines on the market, finding the right one can be a challenge. While some are front-loading machines, others are top-loading, with a lid you need to lift to place your laundry inside. Another thing to consider is the machine's capacity, especially if you want to wash larger items, like curtains or bedding. You don't need to feel overwhelmed when buying a new washer, though. This list of the top seven washing machines can help you make an informed purchasing decision.
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7 Best Washing Machines in 2023

Best overall front-loading washing machine

Ge Ultra Fresh Washing Machine

GE 4.8 UltraFresh Vent System Front-Load Washer With OdorBlock

Number of rinse cycles: 12
App compatibility No
Wi-Fi connected No
Weight 246 lbs
Capacity 4.8 cu ft
Tub material Stainless Steel Drum

Product available at:

High-efficiency front-loading washing machine

Lg 4.5 Cu Ft Washing Machine

LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Stackable Front-Load Washer With 6Motion Technology

Number of rinse cycles: 6
App compatibility No
Wi-Fi connected No
Weight 187.4 lbs
Capacity 4.5 cu ft
Tub material Stainless Steel Aluminized Alloy Steel Drum

Product available at:

Great all-around front-loading washing machine

Efls617stt Hov Ped 603

Electrolux 4.4 cu. ft. Front Load Washer with SmartBoost Technology Steam

Number of rinse cycles: 7
App compatibility No
Wi-Fi connected No
Weight 237 lbs
Capacity 4.4 cu ft
Tub material Stainless Steel Drum

Product available at:


Best Buy

Best compact washing machine

Whirlpool Wtw2000hw 21 Inch Compact Top Load Washer

Whirlpool 1.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Top Loading Washing Machine

Number of rinse cycles: 1
App compatibility No
Wi-Fi connected No
Weight 80.6 lbs
Capacity 1.6 cu ft
Tub material Stainless Steel Drum

Product available at:

Best smart washing machine

Samsung 5.0 Cu.ft. High Efficiency Stackable Smart Front Load Washer With Steam And Optiwash

Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer With Opti-Wash

Number of rinse cycles: 5
App compatibility Yes
Wi-Fi connected Yes
Weight 218 lbs
Capacity 5.0 cu ft
Tub material Stainless Steel Drum

Best top-loading washing machine

Ge High Efficiency Washing Machine

GE 4.8 Cu. Ct. High-Efficiency White Top Load Washing Machine With FlexDispense and Sanitize With Oxi

Number of rinse cycles: 12
App compatibility No
Wi-Fi connected No
Weight 147 lbs
Capacity 4.8 cu ft
Tub material Stainless Steel Drum

Product available at:


Best Buy

Best budget washing machine

Maytag Washing Machine

Maytag 3.8-cu ft Large Capacity Top-Load Washer With Deep Fill Option

Number of rinse cycles: 2
App compatibility No
Wi-Fi connected No
Weight 126 lbs
Capacity 3.8 cu ft
Tub material Stainless Steel Drum

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The GE 4.8 UltraFresh Vent System Front-Load Washer is easy to use. Thanks to the UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock, the washer disposes of excess water to block foul odors and stop mold from developing. Microban antimicrobial technology is built into many of the different parts of the washer to kill germs on contact. The front door is reversible to ensure it fits properly in your home. GE also added Dynamic Balancing Technology to keep the stainless-steel tub balanced and make the washer last longer. You’ll also receive a 10-year limited warranty with your purchase.


GE offers 10 different rinse cycles on this washing machine to help you clean any laundry you have. With the express cycle, you can wash clothing faster than ever before. There is a prewash cycle for the dirtiest of clothes and a sanitary cycle that offers thorough cleaning and removes allergens, too.

GE is one of the top washing machine brands around and the company wants you to feel secure. GE offers a 10-year limited warranty when you buy this 4.8-cubic foot appliance. You can file a claim in minutes when you visit the GE website. GE warranty claims cover any parts or labor you need.

One of the unique features of the GE 4.8 UltraFresh Vent System Front-Load Washer is a quick wash cycle that lets you clean your clothing in less time. It has an add-a-garment option that lets you pause the washer when you need to add more items. You’ll also like the lights that let you see where the washer is in its cycle and the lights that come on when it nears the end.

This 120-volt washing machine measures 32 inches deep with the door shut and is 28 inches wide. GE designed the washer to fit in most homes and laundry rooms. It is slightly deeper when you open the door to use the washer. This model is also 39.75 inches tall when assembled and weighs 246 pounds.

Getting the convenience you need is easy with this GE washer because it has built-in Wi-Fi. As long as you have wireless internet in your home, it takes just a few seconds to set up this feature. It allows you to start loads with a click of a button and stop a load if you forgot to add detergent or need to make a change.

Pros & Cons

  • 32-inch depth to fit most homes
  • Time Saver cleans an entire load in 35 minutes
  • Reversible door gives you more installation flexibility
  • 10 wash cycles and two rinse cycles
  • Larger than other washers
  • Very noisy
  • Does not always remove all water from a load
Whether you need to wash a huge load of clothing or the linens from your bed, you'll find the LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. High-Efficiency Front-Load Washer has all the space you need. The Allergiene cycle designed by LG removes pet dander and other allergens from any type of fabric. When you use the LG app, you get updates on what your washer needs and alerts when anything goes wrong. LG also added Cold Wash technology that allows you to get the clean clothing that you want with cold water. This technology allows the water to penetrate deep into your laundry to remove more dirt and stains.


LG added a soak cycle to this washer that allows you to soak your laundry to pretreat stains before you wash a load. The steam cycle uses steam instead of water to save you some time and money while also sanitizing your clothing. There is a separate sanitary/allergen cycle as well as a cycle for delicates.

LG added a 10-year limited warranty to this washing machine. While it does not cover all parts, the warranty covers the LG Direct Drive Motor. You can contact LG to file a warranty claim and see if your problem is covered by your warranty. The company will also help you find an authorized service tech in your area.

Though the price of the LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. High-Efficiency Front-Load Washer is high, it lets you save money because you can wash fewer loads due to the large capacity of the stainless-steel tub. Inside that tub are five powerful jets that hit your laundry from all directions to ensure they come out clean. The glass door on the front lets you see inside. It also resists scratches to maintain its nice look.

When you measure this LG washer with the door closed, you’ll find that it is 30.25 inches deep. It is also 27 inches wide and 39 inches tall. While it is slightly bigger than average, this washer will still fit in most laundry rooms. At 187.4 pounds, it also weighs a little less than some of the other washers we found.

If you want a washer you can use on the go, this one is great for you. As it runs on Wi-Fi, you can make all of the adjustments you need while on the go. You can even use the auto-select mode, which allows the washer to change the amount of water and soap used based on the dirtiness of the load.

Pros & Cons

  • ColdWash Technology boosts the performance of cold water
  • 5 rinse temperatures and 13 rinse cycles
  • 4.5 cubic feet of cleaning space
  • Allergiene™ Cycle removes all types of allergens
  • Very loud when the washer runs
  • Requires a lot of maintenance
  • Shakes a lot during certain cycles
As the best all-around front loading washing machine, the Electrolux 4.4 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer uses SmartBoost technology to get your laundry clean. This technology mixes your laundry soap or detergent with water to make the perfect combination before it runs. You can use the adaptive dispenser to wash laundry with detergent pods, too. If you have allergies or live with someone who does, you'll like the sanitation cycle, which kills allergens and removes up to 99.9% of germs. Electrolux gives you a Perfect Balance System, too, which keeps the washer running smoothly and in place.      


With nine cycles available, the Electrolux 4.4 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer lets you choose the right setting for your load. With Quick Wash, you get your clothes clean in just 15 minutes. The StainSoak cycle is great for set-in stains because you can pretreat your clothes before you wash them. It also has an extended cycle that cleans and rinses the drum after you use the washer.

Though you might know Electrolux for its vacuums, it also makes some reliable and solid washing machines like this one, which can last for eight years or longer. It comes with a 10-year warranty that covers both the tub and the motor. You also get a lifetime warranty that covers the washer’s durable stainless-steel drum.

With 4.4 cubic feet of space inside, it can wash even the biggest of comforters and blankets. The multiple rinse and wash cycles are perfect for all types of laundry, too, including delicates and whites.

Electrolux designed this large washing machine to hold enough clothing for a whole family. It stands 38 inches tall and measures 32 inches deep and 27 inches wide. When the door is open, you need a minimum of 53.5 inches of clearance to use it. At just over 233 pounds, it may require some help to move.

When you buy this washer, you need to download the Electrolux Life app and connect it to your washing machine. The app tells you how much time is left in a cycle and lets you know which cycles you need to choose for different loads. The app is easy to use, too.

Pros & Cons

  • 9 wash cycles and 9 temperature settings
  • CEE Tier 2 energy efficiency
  • Adaptive Dispenser works with detergent pods
  • Control Lock keeps the machine locked while it runs
  • Fairly expensive
  • May leak some water
If you have limited space in your home but still need to do laundry, opt for the Whirlpool 1.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Top Loading Washing Machine. This is an excellent compact washing machine and one of the few models we found that fits in an apartment or a smaller house. While it only has one rinse cycle, it has different temperature options and wash cycles to help you clean almost anything you own. At just 81 pounds, this washing machine is easy to transport when you move. Plus, you will like the automatic load balancing feature that keeps the washer from shaking as it runs.


Though this washer is much smaller than some of the others on our list, it still has five wash cycles you can use. Use the delicate cycle for delicate clothing and the heavy-duty cycle for blankets and winter clothing or jeans. On top of the wash cycles, you get five temperature settings that let you pick the right one for each load.

One of the downsides of buying this cheaper washer is that it has a much shorter warranty than some of the others do. Whirlpool only gives you a one-year warranty, which covers any defects incurred during the manufacturing process. You can contact Whirpool about your washer to find out if your warranty covers the repair you need.

Whirlpool added some handy features to the 1.6-cubic-foot washing machine like flexible installation options. Not only can you hook it up to your sink and a standard electrical outlet, but you can also permanently install it to use the washer with your existing plumbing. It has a glass lid that allows you to see inside and a two-piece impeller that agitates your laundry as it washes.

With its compact design, this Whirlpool washing machine is likely to fit in even the smallest of laundry rooms. The washer measures 23 inches deep and 37 inches tall with the lid open. It takes up even less space when you close the lid, and it weighs just 81 pounds.

As a portable washer, this model does not come with any Wi-Fi features to track or control your wash cycles. You can use the Whirlpool app to find out more about using it, though. The paperwork in the box tells you how to download the app to your favorite device. With the app, you can troubleshoot the washer if you have a problem and find out how to order new parts or file a warranty claim.

Pros & Cons

  • Runs on any 120V outlet
  • Lightweight at only 81 lbs.
  • 5 temperature settings and 5 wash cycles
  • Measures 37″ by 21″ to fit in compact spaces
  • May need to wash some loads more than once
  • Not big enough for some homes
  • Expensive for a compact washing machine
Bringing home the Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washing Machine allows you to use the best smart washer at home. The built-in drawer holds 20 pounds of detergent to save you the hassle of adding soap every time you run it. If you wash a load that weighs 8 pounds or less, the washer can clean and rinse it in under 30 minutes. Connect the washer to your cell phone via the Samsung app to get complete control over it when you're away from home. Samsung designed a drum pattern for this machine that keeps the fabric from snagging and removes more water from each load.


With more than 10 available wash cycles, this Samsung washer can handle loads of any kind. While you expect to see cycles like permanent press and heavy-duty, you might prefer the sanitize cycle that cleans and sanitizes or the tub clean cycle that cleans the interior tub. Other cycles include options for washing towels, bedding, and colored clothes.

Samsung gives you both a standard warranty and an extended warranty to help you protect your washing machine. The standard warranty covers both labor costs and repairs for one full year. Thanks to the extended warranty, you get three extra years of coverage. You must register the washer on the Samsung website to take advantage of the extended warranty.

The Smart Dial on this Samsung washing machine uses AI power to learn your washing preferences. It can recommend different temperatures and cycles based on what you picked in the past and what will work best with the matching dryer. The built-in OptiWash is another popular feature, as it senses how much dirt is on your clothing and automatically adjusts the amount of water and detergent to get the best clean.

Thanks to its 5.0-cubic-foot capacity, this washer ensures that you never run out of space. It has a 33.5-inch depth and is 38.75 inches tall. It weighs nearly 214 pounds, making it one of the heavier washers reviewed here.

The Samsung app is easy to use with this washer. Called the SmartThings app, it is compatible with most smartphones. You can schedule upcoming cycles and make fast changes to current cycles. Samsung also allows you to use the washer over Wi-Fi to remotely stop and start cycles and to receive regular updates.

Pros & Cons

  • AI-Powered Smart Dial learns from you and makes recommendations
  • 25 different wash cycles and 5 rinse cycles
  • Built-in dispensers for bleach, detergent, and other essentials
  • OptiWash automatically detects soil levels to clean clothes faster
  • Can leave some water behind
  • Some features only work if you have the matching dryer
The automatic dispenser built inside this GE washer allows you to keep detergent and fabric softener on hand. It will determine how much you need before adding to the tub and also works with detergent pods. If you use an Oxi product, the machine will use the right amount at the right time to kill more than 99% of the germs in your laundry. With the custom water option, you can tell the machine how much water you want to use and save money. As it has an 800 rpm speed, this GE washing machine removes more water to help you dry your laundry faster. Its innovative GE FlexDispense provides all the cleaning power you need during each cycle. The washer comes with a built-in stain guide that tells you how to treat five common stains and a dedicated water jet that pierces your detergent pod before adding it to the water. The Dynamic Balancing Technology cuts down on the noise the washer makes.


Though you only get three rinse cycles, those cycles allow you to choose from warm rinse, extra rinse, and deep rinse options. You can choose the Auto Soak cycle and soak your laundry for up to two hours or choose from 12 different wash cycles suitable for delicate fabrics, as well as heavy loads.

The 10-year limited warranty that comes with this GE washing machine covers most of the common problems you might have after bringing it home. GE will pay for any new parts that you need as well as the labor costs. The warranty only covers defective parts, though, not issues caused by user error.

With 4.8 cubic feet of space inside, this GE washer allows for plenty of room for clothing and bedding. It measures 27 inches deep with the door closed and stands 46 inches tall. At 27 inches wide, it can easily fit in your home. This is also one of the more lightweight washers for sale since it weighs just 147 pounds.

GE made SmartHQ as a way for their customers to get more out of their appliances. Once you download the app, you can connect it to your new washer and see how easily it works. The app lets you check on the status of a load and get alerts when you need them. It works with most other GE appliances, too.

Pros & Cons

  • Dynamic Balancing Technology helps it run quietly
  • 800 rpm spin speed
  • 12 wash cycles and 5 wash temperatures
  • Automatically dispenses both fabric softener and bleach
  • Too large for some users
  • Can leave behind some traces of detergent
  • Has some cheap plastic parts that can break
As the best budget washing machine, the Maytag 3.8 Cu. Ft. Large-Capacity Top Loading Washer is the best choice if you're on a budget. While it lacks some features found in more expensive machines, it uses a durable stainless-steel tub and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Made in Ohio, the washing machine has a 3.8-cubic-foot capacity, which is large enough to hold everything in your hamper. With the Auto Sensing cycle, you get more help removing stains. This cycle adjusts the water level as needed to give you the concentrated cleaning power you want.


Though this Maytag washer may lack some of the cycles you like, it has a soak cycle that helps you pretreat stained clothes before you wash them. The extra rinse cycle is perfect for clothes that tend to get water or detergent stuck to them. If you need to wash blankets and other larger items, you’ll like the Bulky cycle.

This Maytag washing machine comes with a 10-year standard warranty. It covers the stainless-steel wash basket inside and allows you to file a claim if you find any defects with the motor. You must have proof of your purchase and the serial number of your washer when you file an online claim.

Some of the top features of this Maytag washer include the Quick Wash and Power Wash cycles. With the Quick Wash cycle, the washer will clean most loads in just 30 minutes. Choosing the PowerWash cycle allows the machine to add more hot water and boost its cleaning power. Another nice feature is the durable wash basket that can stand up to frequent loads.

If you have an older Maytag washer that you’re looking to replace, this new Maytag model will likely fit in the same spot. Maytag designs most of its washers to have the same measurements. This one is 27 inches deep and 27.5 inches wide. It stands 42 inches tall and reaches a maximum height of 52 inches when you open the door, with a weight of 126 pounds.

Though this washer is not compatible with Wi-Fi, it does work with the Maytag app, which is available for Android and Apple devices. You can use it to register your new washer and file a claim against its warranty or shop for other appliances like a matching dryer. The app helps you troubleshoot your washer, too.

Pros & Cons

  • PowerWash cycle uses hot water to increase the cleaning power
  • 3 wash speeds and 12 wash cycles
  • Deep Water Wash uses less water and more power to clean stuck-on messes
  • Cycle lights show you the current cycle and how much time is left
  • Very noisy
  • May miss some stains and dirt
  • Does not always use as much water as you need

List of all Best Washing Machines in 2023 for your needs

Product Date Price Shop
GE 4.8 UltraFresh Vent System Front-Load Washer With OdorBlock 07/2022 $ 898.00 Buy
LG 4.5 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Stackable Front-Load Washer With 6Motion Technology 07/2022 $ 748.00 Buy
Electrolux 4.4 cu. ft. Front Load Washer with SmartBoost Technology Steam 07/2022 $ 1169.99 Buy
Whirlpool 1.6 Cu. Ft. Compact Top Loading Washing Machine 07/2022 $ 944.00 Buy
Samsung Smart Dial Front Load Washer With Opti-Wash 07/2022 $ 1048.00 Buy
GE 4.8 Cu. Ct. High-Efficiency White Top Load Washing Machine With FlexDispense and Sanitize With Oxi 07/2022 $ 629.99 Buy
Maytag 3.8-cu ft Large Capacity Top-Load Washer With Deep Fill Option 07/2022 $ 578.00 Buy

What are the different types of washing machines?

If this is your first time purchasing a washing machine, you may be realizing just how many new models are available on the market. It’s helpful to take a look at some of the different types in order to gain a better understanding of the best type of washer for your home. 

Top-load washing machines

Top-load washers are one of the oldest types, as well as the most popular because of how easy they are to use. These washers have an agitator that sits inside and spins to force your laundry around the tub. They also have a lid that opens from the top, so you can avoid bending over to fill and empty during use. Some of the benefits of a top-load washer include its low price and how quickly it runs; a complete cycle finishes in just 30-60 minutes. These washers are also easier to repair and cheaper to fix than other types of washing machines. The biggest downside of buying a top-load washer is that it can break down more frequently and faster than other washers do. Although it isn’t large enough to wash bulky or heavy items, top-load washers also use up to three times more water than energy-efficient washers, which can sometimes damage clothing.

Front-load washers

The design of front-load washers allows all the items placed inside to rub against each other to remove dirt and stains rather than relying on an agitator. Front-load washers are more energy-efficient and use less water than top-load machines do. Other benefits of buying a front-load washing machine include their large tubs or drums that are more gentle as they wash clothes to prevent damage. They also have more settings and cycles and run more quietly than other types of washing machines. The biggest disadvantage of a front-load washer, however, is the price. Some of the models on the market cost $1,000 or more. Another drawback is their longer cycles, some lasting up to two hours, and, even after long cycles, some clothes still smell dirty after you wash them.

Top-load impeller washing machine

One of the newest types of washing machines is the top-load impeller. These machines replace the old agitators with gentler impellers. The impeller is a device placed at the bottom of the tub. When you run the machine, the impeller moves the clothing around and forces the tub to move in the same direction. You can use as much soap and detergent as you want and choose the best cycle for your load. Impeller washers are usually affordable and have cycles that finish in 60 minutes or less. You can choose one with a bigger capacity for bulky loads without worrying about the washer damaging your laundry. These machines are so loud that you can often hear them from nearby rooms, though. Some shoppers don’t like that top-load impeller washers limit how much water they can use.

Portable washers

Portable washers are much smaller than the other types and designed for temporary use. You may even see some brands that call them apartment washers because you can use them in spaces where you cannot use a traditional washer. Portable washing machines are great to use in an RV or camper when you travel or in an apartment if you know that you’ll move later. The benefits of buying a portable washing machine include their low prices and how easily you can install them. Some models even connect directly to the nearest sink. On the other hand, they are so small that they cannot accommodate full loads and you may find that they lack the power you need and that you need to rewash your clothes.

Do all washers have the same settings?

Washing machine settings allow you to customize your cycles for different types of clothing at different soil levels. While there are standard cycles that you’ll find on most washers, there are others that are only available on more modern and expensive machines.

Standard settings

Some of the standard settings you’ll find include normal and permanent press. As the name implies, a normal cycle is suitable for most loads. It usually runs longer than you would expect and use a lot of agitation. You can choose this setting for T-shirts and other everyday clothing. The permanent press setting first appeared in the 1940s and was designed for synthetic clothing and synthetic blends. It is a good option for clothing that wrinkles easily. Other settings you’ll find on most washers include:

  • Delicate: This setting works on delicate fabrics and materials that you normally wash by hand.
  • Rinse & spin: Most modern washers have a rinse & spin cycle or a similar setting that rinses clothing and spins the load to dry it without using any soap.
  • Speed wash: When you’re pressed for time, a speed wash setting comes in handy because it lets you wash a full load in 30 minutes or less.
  • Heavy-Duty: If you have big comforters and bulky clothing you need to wash, the heavy-duty setting lets you use soap and water to clean everything in your load.

Specialty settings

As you look at the top washers we found, pay attention to some of the specialty settings, like a bulky cycle, that are only available on select models. A bulky cycle can handle the largest of loads without leaving behind detergent or soaking wet items. You don’t need to worry about spreading germs and bacteria around when you choose a washer with a sanitize setting. It eliminates the harmful germs in your laundry. Some brands call this an allergen setting because it also removes pet dander and common allergens. Other specialty settings that might be right for you include deep fill options, which use more water, and stain or soak cycles. This type of cycle lets you soak your laundry for 30 minutes or longer to pretreat stains before picking a wash cycle.

What should you look for in a new washing machine?

Before purchasing a new washing machine, it’s helpful to have a budget in mind and look for washers that you can afford, as well as a choice of what type of machine is right for your home. Make sure you look at some of the other top factors that can determine the best washing machine for you.


The standard size for a washing machine is 27 inches, referring to its width. Most homes with laundry rooms have dedicated spots reserved for washers of this size. If you buy a washer that has a bigger capacity, it might be 2 or even 3 inches wider, which will require that you change the layout of the room. When buying a washer for a home where you never had one before, keep in mind that you need a minimum of 6 inches of clearance between the wall and the back of the machine.


Give some thought to the capacity of the washer in addition to its size. The capacity lets you know how many cubic feet of space you’ll have inside. Some of the smaller portable washing machines have a capacity of 2 cubic feet or less, which is enough for a few shirts or pants, but not enough to do a full load. You can also compare the capacity of each washer in terms of how many towels they can wash per cycle. A washer with a capacity of 3 cubic feet can usually hold around eight towels. The larger machines with a capacity of 5 to 6 cubic feet can wash 15 or more towels in a single load. If your home goes through a lot of laundry every week, you’ll want a washing machine with a bigger capacity.

High efficiency

Another thing to consider is whether you would benefit from a high-efficiency washer. These washers are unique because they use less water and detergent. When you pick a cycle, the washer causes the items to rub against both the sides of the tub and each other. This allows them to remove stains and quickly get rid of dirt. You cannot use standard laundry detergent in these washers, though, because they only work with soap that has a high-efficiency label. While some shoppers love how convenient they are and that they can save them money, others do not like the high upfront cost and knowing that some clothes can come out smelly or dirty.

Auto dispensers

Have you ever turned on your washer and realized a few minutes later that you forgot to add detergent or fabric softener? You might look for a washing machine with an auto dispenser. An auto dispenser is a dispenser built into the machine that holds your detergent. Though some only store laundry soap, others have compartments for your fabric softener and soap pods. You’ll even find washers that can hold enough soap to clean more than 40 loads of laundry. The machine will automatically add detergent when it runs and dispense fabric softener at the right time during the cycle.

Control placement

When choosing a washing machine, always consider the placement of the controls and knobs. Top-loading washers usually have rear controls located on the back of the machines. You can toss in your laundry and simply reach over to turn the knobs. Depending on the size of the washer though, you may find that you need to stretch more than you would like to reach the controls. Front-loading washers often place their controls on the front. You don’t need to stretch to reach them and can easily select the settings you want.

Digital vs. manual

Older washing machines had manual knobs and controls and, while some still use the same type today, others use digital controls. Manual controls are a good choice if you want to save money because these machines often cost less. You can also save money on repairs, but you may find it hard to locate someone in your area who covers manual machines, as most washers have gone digital. Washing machines with digital controls are more modern; you can use a touch screen to select both the temperature and the wash or rinse cycles that you want. Most machines with digital controls have a matching digital screen that lets you view your selections and see how much time is left in the cycle as well as where the machine is in the cycle.

Smart functions

While smart functions aren’t as important to some shoppers as they are to others, you may want to focus on washers that have smart features, like WiFi or app connectivity. You might prefer a washer that works with Google Assistant because you can choose your cycle and water temperature when you tell the device what you want the washer to do. Many newer washing machines work with an app from the maker that you can conveniently download to manage your laundry loads. The app allows you to delay a cycle until later in the day and schedule cycles for different days. You can also use the app to see how much time is left and get alerts when there is a problem.

Optional features

We recommend that you take a look at some of the optional features you might love, like a pedestal that lifts the washer to a comfortable height and a control panel with bright lights that work well in dark rooms. If your laundry room is close to your bedroom or home office, keep in mind how much noise it makes. Some models have built-in technology that reduces the noise they make to keep it from interfering with your life. You may prefer a washing machine with a steam cycle, too. This uses steam rather than water to kill germs and remove more stains.

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