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The Daily Beast Best Picks

How We Compare

The Daily Beast Best Picks team aims to provide detailed, concise product reviews to aid readers in their online shopping journey. Our goal is to publish well-rounded written content that elucidates the complex information of products and product categories so you can make a more informed purchase decision.

How We Compare The Daily Beast Best Picks

Simply the best picks

Only high quality products to help you buy the best items for your needs.

All product picks are curated by hand by our product experts.

Find the best price-performance ratio and save money on the best products.

To define which products categories and products are most relevant to our readers, we: 

  • Perform research on the product categories and individual products from a range of brands within the category that have the highest volume of searches across all search engines
  • Explore the manufacturers’ websites for specifics on each individual product to guarantee factual information in our articles
  • Gather user reviews of products from popular online retailers, i.e. Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy
  • Reference the Google search engine results page for product details, images, and related FAQs
How We Compare 2 The Daily Beast Best Picks

Each Best Picks list has been compiled from an extensive catalog of the most sought-after products in each category. Expert and user reviews, in conjunction with our personal real-world experiences, are evaluated in order to ensure that only the best items are selected to create the Best Picks list.

In order to provide additional context to each recommendation, a synopsis of the standout feature of each item has been highlighted to allow readers to find the best product to match their needs.

Lastly, once the shortlist of items has been selected, we then scour the internet to find the best deals around, allowing our readers to shop with confidence. For access to further deals from popular retailers to help our readers save across all product categories, they can visit our The Daily Beast coupon site.